[19.02.12] a day in caryn's house :D

February 20, 2012

late blog post >< its all about what happened yesterday :)

originally i was supposed to go to ms na oh mi's house, but i ended up in caryn's house. when i was coming in, sammi took a pic of me without me knowing -,- TOU PAI WO =,= but the pic came out great! i didn't know that my normal walk looked so...catwalk-ish XD

i am now her house's model, walking with a handphone XD

we did what we did, can't remember all of them o.o i just know that those two people were ADDICTED to dragonvale XD

afterwards, we made a cake for sammi's mom's birthday :) i helped out lehh XD

XD we played with the whiteboard XD

complete :D

it was an enjoyable, stress-free day :) a nice break from all my school work :D

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