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June 22, 2015

First of all, happy (late) 3rd anniversary to Hermo! If you weren't aware already, Hermo had a massive sale from June 12 to 18 in conjunction with their 3rd anniversary. They offered products at an even cheaper price than the reduced price that they already offered! There were new special promotions every 6 hours and I just couldn't handle it! I wanted to buy so many things T.T

If you were actually one of the first 2000 people to make a purchase you would receive a goodie bag with products worth RM50 inside! For people who couldn't make it to the first 2000 customers (like me), a RM10 voucher was distributed. 

Although there were a lot of products with reduced prices, I didn't really feel like purchasing anything because I kept on thinking "I don't really need this...I should save instead", but then I saw that Missha's Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence was going for RM129 instead of RM199! I've been keeping my eye on it for some time and here it was on sale for me! And recently I've been looking into investing in an essence to add into my skincare routine, so this was the perfect opportunity for me!

To make use of Hermo's buy two products = free shipping policy, I decided to get myself another bottle of It's Skin's Power 10 VC Effector Serum because I was running low and I was planning on repurchasing this product anyway. The serum costs RM59.90 outside and Hermo usually retails it at RM38.00 but I got it at RM30.50 ^^

So in total my order cost RM169.07 together with GST. I managed to get two products and save RM109! ^^

With my purchase I also managed to get RM100 worth of vouchers! ^^ Thanks Hermo! Although I don't know if this is a good thing because this will just encourage me to buy more stuff hahahaha.

I made my purchase on Monday and on Tuesday I was wondering why the product was still in "Paid" status and not in "Posted". I checked their Facebook page and saw that there were quite a lot of orders so everything was a bit slow :O

It stayed in the "Paid" status for quite some time and became "In Process" followed by "Posted" on Thursday (June 18). I tracked my shipment and found that it arrived in Penang on the 19th! Hermo's shipping was fast the past two times I ordered for them and during this peak season it wasn't any different. My only hiccup was that I accidentally selected "preferred weekday delivery" so I only got my package on Monday (June 22). So i got my order after 1 week, but mainly because of my fault. I think my order only took 4 days to process.

I also got myself a tub of Snail White from Hermo a couple of weeks back so this little shopping spree of mine kinda started from there.

After spending so much dough I don't think I'll be buying anything soon *that's why he said*. I'll be using and enjoying these products and since they come in such big sizes they'll be sure to last me quite some time. 

So that's it for this post! I hope you enjoyed my musings and I hope you enjoyed this post! A review for the Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence will be up soon so please look forward to it :)

Thanks for reading!

PS. This was not a sponsored post.

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