The Lover: Takuya & Joonjae [ENG SUBS]

June 26, 2015

I was just scrolling through Tumblr and I found this drama and homagash I cannot handleeeee


The Lover is an Mnet drama about couples living together. It's supposed to have 12 episodes which air on Thursday nights and as I'm typing this, 10 episodes have already been broadcast.

The story focuses on eight people who couple up and live together. I'm not actually sure about what's happening with the other couples because the only cuts that I've been watching are Takuya and Joonjae's parts hahaha. 

The story is like a fluffy/smutty/funny/very self indulgent fanfic come to life! Don't judge me, I enjoyed watching them so much! The first few episodes were jaw droppingly funny XD like, WTF IS THIS REALLY BEING BROADCAST IN KOREA??


Anyways as I said, I really enjoyed the 10 episodes so far and I'm kinda sad that there are only 2 episodes left T.T


PS. I personally like Joonjae with his hair down. His hair parted...made him look like an old Full House 2 character that I don't really like lol

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