SNSD Catch Me If You Can OT9 Full Version [MV/MP3/DOWNLOAD]

June 23, 2015

Earlier today I saw on Instagram a few photos of SNSD CMIYC MV with 9 members. NINE MEMBERS. I freaked out but I tried to be rational and thought that it was just photoshop. A few hours later, the original MV was leaked and news portals all released news about it.

I know that Sica did record CMIYC because she was singing parts of it on her show with Krystal, but to actually have the full MV...I almost cried!

*the videos above were blocked so I uploaded on on Youtube myself*

I watched this and I couldn't stop smiling. Jessica was there and there were nine members and it all looked like how it was supposed to be. I felt sad that this was the last MV with Jessica (I'm hoping in the depths of my heart that its not) but I also felt very very VERY happy to see all nine of my girls.

Quality wise, the video for this wasn't as smooth/one-shot-ish as the 8 member version but this one looked better aesthetically for me. As for Yuri, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon, they still had a lot of parts. I felt like what shocked me most about the 8 member version was that they actually gave a lot of parts to them and its still the same for this version. Sica's high notes are just heavenlyyyyyyyyyyy

Overall I still don't know what to believe about the whole story. It was all so sudden that everything smells fishy and I don't know who or what to believe. Taeyeon didn't delete a photo she posted from the OT9 version mv, Sunny posted a pic with their fridge in the background with nine members' photos stuck on it and now this. I know there's still a lot to the story that we don't know but not a single day passes that I don't pray that they reunite as nine. I believe that they will. As a SONE and a Maomao I shall not lose faith!

Its 4am and I have an event at 8 but who cares so much OT9 feels I cannottttttt

*I shall post everything here when the full audio gets leaked

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