Kiehl's Heritage Pop-up Truck #MyKiehls

June 18, 2015

To start this post off, a photoshopped picture of myself:

This is the only photo I managed to photoshop lol. I kinda got lazy. But my skin's been very calm these past few days, so I guess it's okay :)

I was on my way to college on Wednesday morning and to my surprise, the Kiehl's Heritage Pop-up Truck was parked in front of my college foyer! 

lol Gerald wanted to be in the picture so yeah~

I've seen this truck through many pictures on Instagram, especially Jane Chuck's Instagram! I envy her so much because she gets so many sponsored Kiehl's products! She even got to go to New York to see the original apothecary there! Sighhhh I hope one day my blogging days reach her level! I have a few Singaporean bloggers that I like (The famous 5: Queen Xiaxue, Yutakis, Miyake, Sophie and Qiuqiu), but among Malaysian bloggers I gotta say Jane Chuck would be my fave!

So, back to Kiehl's! If you didn't already know, Kiehl's is a well known skincare brand from New York. My first encounter with Kiehl's is in 2013 (I think) when my mum bought her Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Kiehl's is well known for giving LOTS of samples so I got to try some of their products at the time. They were so nice and the best thing was that they worked! For more info on Kiehl's you can check out their official website by clicking here.

So currently Kiehl's is having a campaign where they have a Heritage Truck that tours Malaysia! In this wonderful truck there give away samples galore when you fill up a form and offer sets at promotional prices!

Some of Kiehl's best sellers

The samples I got from filling up a form

They also have this game that you can play and a photobooth where you can take photos! If you post the photos on Instagram with the caption as #MyKiehls you get a free travel sized product! 

Trying to be Jane Chuck but it ain't working hahaha

I finally got selfies with the Kiehl's skeleton hahaha

I also got this brochure that says if you go to a Kiehl's store for a free 5-minute consultation, you get more samples.

Being the sample whore I am I went hahahaha. The guy that gave my consultation was very friendly and informative. He tested my skin *which I last washed 12 hours ago at that time* and said that I have normal to oily skin. All this time I've been treating myself as an oily skin type and hearing the word normal kinda make me happy hahaha. I told him that I previously had a lot of acne and now my main problem is scarring. He gave lots of recommendations (eg. clay mask, exfoliation, hydration and sunblock. Nothing that I don't already know but he was still informative). He also complimented my skin and said that it's not as bad I say it is lol. I guess being the dramatic person that  I am I probably sounded like I was exaggerating a lot. In the end he gave me more samples. (Samples are heaven).

The samples I got from the shop

If you're curious I have this many samples now. Don't judge/report me please, I'm a broke ass college student 'kay.

*update: I took some really nice photos the day after because who can resistttttt

I was going to buy a set out of impulse but I managed to stop myself hahaha. I'll leave the expensive stuff for my mum to buy for me hahaha. The product I'm most interested in is the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque! I shall get it one of these days.

The Heritage Pop-up Truck will be in Penang for a week from June 17 to 24 and will be in Johor Bahru on June 27 to July 4. If you get a chance and come across it (and you ain't poor at the moment like me), I highly suggest you to get something from them because the sets are quite okay and even if you have no intention of buying, THEY ARE GIVING AWAY SHIZLOADS OF FREE SAMPLES. Because the samples are free I'm FORCING YOU. Go!

Lol this post was not sponsored or anything, I just felt like blogging about this and sharing with everyone my obsession with Kiehl's. One day I shall have a full sized product. One day Kiehl's!

I haven't blogged for quite a while cuz of college work load, but I have a few post line up that I'll hopefully finish. 612 Hermo 3rd Anniversary write up shall be up when I actually get my hands on my purchases! I haven't gotten them yet T.T

So that's all from me for now! If you're still reading this post after all that word vomit, thank you very much! Yous has mys loves hahaha. As a bonus here are some wonderful photos of me and Jeen Phou:

iPhones make me go selfie crazy hahaha

Thanks for reading! ^^


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