Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Sleeping Essence Review

June 28, 2015

Today I'll be reviewing Garnier's Sakura White Pinking Radiance Sleeping Essence!

The Sakura White range by Garnier is fairly new, I believe it was released last year. A few months back I purchased their night/sleeping cream and I'll be sharing my experiences with this product here with you guys!


*disclaimer: I was not paid to make this post. I bought this product with my money and this is my honest review*


This sleeping essence is actually a cream to be used at night and it contains Sakura extracts, natural fruit extracts and vitamin CG. It's supposed to provide 24 hour moisture and let's the skin breathe while we sleep. It claims to be able to:

1. Lighten skin tone
2. Fade dark spots
3. Refine skin texture
4. Let you have pinkish skin

It says that you will wake up to pinkish radiant skin that feels smoother, softer, bouncier and more refreshed. This cream is also suitable for sensitive skin!


I checked Watsons and this product is currently retailing at RM28.50 and costs RM24.23 during promotions.


Similar to the Garnier Light Complete cream I reviewed (click here to read review), this cream also comes in a thick glass tub. As I've said before I find tubs quite unhygienic, but other than that I don't have any problems with how its packaged.



This cream is very thick and rich. As a person with oily skin I expected this to suffocate my skin and be uncomfortable, but unexpectedly it's not! The cream has a thick consistency that spreads well on the skin. It leaves a sheen to the face but I don't really mind that because this IS a sleeping mask and no one's gonna see me anyway.

The smell is very sweet and heavy. To be honest one of the things I love about this product it the smell. I don't know what real cherry blossoms smell like but if they smell like this then no wonder people love them so much!


I don't use this product every night but I do use it quite frequently, about 4 days out of 7. I apply it last, after applying moisturizer. This is because its very thick and since I layer a lot of products at night, it should go last.


In terms of lightening, I feel like this product has a a very subtle effect. It's there but it's subtle. In terms of skin texture refinement, it really works! In the morning when I wash my face I feel like my face is smoother and plumper! It also does a great job in hydrating the skin as when I wake up in the morning my face always feels well hydrated.

In terms of pinkish radiance, let's be real. I have fairly tanned skin and there ain't no way that I'll have  pinkish skin. This product however DOES let me see a faint pink tint once in a while and I don't understand why. Maybe my mind is just tricking myself to believe that I actually have skin fair enough to look pink XD


I quite like this sleeping essence! Although the effects are subtle, the moisturizing and skin texture refining properties of it are quite nice.



I find it nice to have a sleeping mask on so if ever i have spare cash or I don't have any other sleeping masks at the moment then I'll but this product again.


I also bought the cleansing foam and the moisturizing cream for the day of this product because I had money and why not. For the cleansing foam I quite liked it as it did a decent job of cleansing. A plus is that the smell sticks to your face and I'm oh so in love with this whole range's scent!

As for the moisturizing cream I do not use it anymore. As with the other day cream for Garnier that I tried, I felt that it was too heavy for my oily skin and it was a bit sticky/uncomfortable.


That's all for this review! I hope you enjoyed it and if you did, you can click here to read my other reviews!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi.. I would like to know the steps for night use... Izzit as follows-facial foam>5000radiance essence>daycream>night essence?


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