June 28, 2015

Okay so I have a confession to make. I'm now an ARMY! (If you didn't already know, Army is BTS' official fanclub name)

For the longest time EVER I have been avoiding BTS. BTS has been gaining a lot of popularity and even though I watched a few of their MVs it wasn't only until recently that I've been listening to more of their music. Get ready for a unnecessary dramatic fanboy post hahaha.

So let's start at the beginning. The very first time I ever encountered BTS would probably be through Jokwon's song Animal. J-Hope featured as a rapper and that was all I knew.

When they debuted I watched their MV for No More Dream, followed by We Are Bulletproof Pt.2 and N.O. Sometime after I also watched their MV for Boy In Luv and Just One day.

Bear in mind however, that I have yet to listen to anything alse, watch any show with them in it and most importantly, read any fanfiction. Yes, I read fanfic. Yes, I know that there are a lot of BTS fanfics and that there are a ton of fangirls (and boys too probably). To tell you the truth, I saw the attraction and I was like "I WILL SO GET INTO THIS", like, I saw the potential! But when they first came out I was still obsessed with EXO and B.A.P was there in the side and i was thinking, do I really need another group to fanboy over? And another thing is that they're so young, like, I need oppas to stan! It's always been that way, they must be older but nooooooooooo BTs just had to put an end to that

After everything with EXO and B.A.P and even SNSD, dare I say I wasn't really a very active fan anymore. That's when I started getting sucked into the black hole that is BTS lol.

I watched the MV for War of Hormone and died. Legit died. I was like so much fanboy material so much V so much Jimin so much Jungkook so much Jin so much Rap Mon, so much J-Hope so much Suga! *I can't believe I just named out all of them without reference shit I'm in deep*

And at that time The Most Beautiful Moment in Life was already released, so I watched I NEED U and SO MUCH FEELS I CANNOT. The surreal aesthetics and the faces and the boys homgash I cannot!  And the photobook for the albums homgggggg

And just a few days before the MV for Dope dropped and I must admit, being an SM fan for so long I have very high standards for dancing. When you have Hyoyeon, Taemin and Kai, your standards just go up. BUT THE DANCE FOR THIS SONG IS SO EPIC THAT IT DOES NOT COMPARE. I haven't seen a dance so eye catching and so jaw dropping in a while that I was legit watching the MV with my mouth open. I was screaming at Jungkook's parts lol. And the outfits for one scene looked so inspired by the YSL Gold Embroidered Jacket in Black and I cannot!!!!

In the end, I am now a fan hahaha. I downloaded all of their albums and I really like their songs, such as Like, Coffee and If I Ruled the World

I am falling heeeeeelp.

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