Master Oil Control Max Deep Cleanser Toner Review

June 26, 2015

Today I'll be reviewing Master's Oil Control Max with ZEROIL Deep Cleanser

Master is actually from the Philippines and it's quite a well know brand over there. When someone my mum knows recently went to the Philippines ,she asked that person to buy back a few things for us. Among the things she asked for were these two toners: the Oil Control Max with ZEROIL Deep Cleanser and the Whitening Plus with Glutathione Complex and ZEROIL Deep Cleanser.

This isn't actually my first time using Master products. As I mentioned its quite popular and one of their taglines that my mum and our maid keep repeating is "Master, sikreto ng mga gwapo" which roughly translates to "Master, handsome people's secret" lol. Since I had two of the blue ones I decided to try them out first. 

On the back of the bottle it claims that it can:

1. Control oil for up to 8 hours and leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed
2. Removes deep-seated dirt and excess oil
3. Prevent blackheads and whiteheads with its anti-bacterial agents


After cleansing my face, I apply this product onto my face with a cotton pad much like how you would any other toner.

So, on with the review!

*Disclaimer: This is my honest review of this product and have not been paid to make this post*



The texture is like any other toner, light and water-like. The smell is a bit strong and smells quite strongly of alcohol. Since this toner is targeted towards men, the smell is very masculine but in my opinion the smell isn't very overbearing.


I would say that this product leans more toward an astringent rather than a toner because it's effects are not as mild as a toner, it smells a lot stronger and it contains alcohol. I wouldn't recommend this product to people with sensitive skin because it can quite harsh. Because I have oily skin it's just perfect for me because it removes oil, dirt and grime better than other toners I've used. As for the performance:

Oil control of 8 hours: Over the past few years I've noticed that my skin oiliness has two levels: Super Oily and Normal Oily. Super Oily is when I'm really oily and sticky and it feels super icky. Normal Oily is when my face is slightly shiny but doesn't feel disgusting. I've read somewhere that oil is actually okay to have on your face (but not too much). With this product my face still gets oily around lunchtime, but its not so oily that I feel icky. I've been having Normal Oily days for a while now and I think it's because of this product controlling my sebum level.

Removal of dirt and excess oil: As I said above I use this toner after I cleanse my face. At that time my face has been washed of most of the day's dirt and oil, but did you know that cleansing also leaves residue? Toners and astringents can be used for double cleansing and you'd be surprised that after washing your face you face still has some dirt on it. This product does a pretty good job of removing that excess dirt and it does have that cooling feeling that it said it had.

Prevention of blackheads and whiteheads: I don't actually know if this prevented blackheads and whiteheads because as part of my skincare routine do exfoliation and most of my blackheads/whiteheads are removed there.

For acne: Whenever I have any pimples I use this over it to kind of "disinfect" that area and so far I have to say that it works. The inflammation usually goes down overnight after wiping this across the area (if I don't pick on it that is).

Moisturizing effects: I don't think that this product is THAT moisturizing but compared to letting my bare, just-washed face to dry in the air, this product leaves my face feeling cool and a bit hydrated. It doesn't feel dry although it has alcohol in it and it actually feels refreshing.

The smell: The smell might not be for everyone because it feels very strong, alcohol-y, clinic-y and manly. I recommend this product to guys with oily skin because of that.


I would have to say that this product is actually really handy to have around. It removes dirt quite well and controls my oil somewhat okay. I can't really do anything about my oily skin as oil is sure to come out in this hot and humid weather that I live in. I do feel that it controls sebum secretion and disinfects pimples quite well. Overall I quite like this toner. I haven't has as much good results with the other toners/astringents I've tried before, but I am looking into trying Kiehl's Oil Eliminator Refreshing Shine Control Toner for Men. Until that fateful day that I have enough money arrives, I shall stick to these toners. I still have the whitening one and I'll post a review once I finish this bottle and get around to using it ^^


Most probably yes! I really like the clean feeling I get after using this cleanser. It never fails to remind me how much dirt I really do have on my face hahaha.


That's all from me! Thanks for reading my honest review on Master's Oil Control Max with ZEROIL Deep Cleanser! I hope you enjoyed it! You can read my other reviews here. Please look forward to my future posts!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I'm also using the Master Cleanser for almost 2 years. It's amazing that it really removes dirt and prevent having pimples. Here in the Philippines, Me and my mom buys it at (, every month as our face care supply. I whiten our face and removes dark spots. Thanks for sharing this Eros!

    1. Thanks for commenting! My mom actually also uses the papaya one from time to time :)

  2. I've been using it too! And it's really effective for my oily face, it has a cool and refreshing feelings and moisture until morning. Thanks for sharing this! Nice review!😄😉👍🏻

  3. panget amputa ndi effective lalong naging bundok bundok ung feslack ko.. anyare putang ina nyo 1 month kong ginamit nasayang ung ipon ko ng dahil sa master na yan hayop!! my face now is very ugly because of your product letche kau!!

    1. Well, I'm sorry that it didn't work for you. Everyone has a different skin type and if you suffer from very bad acne you should definitely consult with a dermatologist before using any kind of skincare product. Hope I helped!

    2. swerte swerte lang yan pre .haha

  4. hello eros thanks sa review. for me i used deep cleanser anti pimple and active whitening with papaya and i highly recommend it to my fellow brads :D (y)

    1. Hi, glad you liked the review! I'd definitely recommend Master to other guys too :)

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Maria, thanks for commenting! According to Lazada its P105, but if you're in the Philippines you can find it in any drugstore/grocery store :)

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Vince, thanks for replying! Not really for scars, but it does help with pimples/acne :) If you want to get rid of acne scars I recommend Oxy's Anti Pimple Mark Gel! (

  7. I look like kohol,the side-kick or mr. Shooli in mongolian barbeque,does using it will make me look like james reid or alden??

  8. Hi eros i wanted to ask nakakapagpaliit pa ba sya ng open pores ? Thanks

    1. Hi Mark, yes and no. If you have sensitive skin or if you have acne, it can be a bit stingy/hapdi. I have oily skin and it only stings a bit, and disappears after a while.

  9. Master whitening plus can really whiten your skin? I need your reply asap. And because of you blog, i will definitely try master oil control max. Thankyou eros!

    1. Hi, it does help but if you really want to whiten your skin, I suggest you try out a Vitamin C serum like It's Skin'a VC Effector! 😊 Hope I helped! 😉

  10. Hi Eros, can you suggest a good product to control oily scalp? I'm desperate and planning to apply Eskinol Master onto my scalp. :)

    1. Hi Ben, sorry for the late reply! I recommend shampooing daily with a mint/green tea shampoo, and you can use hair vinegar like the raspberry one from CP-1 as well. Dry shampoo/powder works wonders too!

  11. UUhmm do you apply this 3 times a day?


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