June 17, 2012

JUNE 17 is finally here! :3 its time for the annual Starwalk! :D

i woke up at about 6am and i thought that i was going to be SUPER late, but it turned out that most of my friends weren't there yet :O

when we DID meet up, we held onto each other and squeezed ourselves inside the stadium and exchanged the reporting card for black bands o.o last year it was blue wristbands i think~

at about 7 *i think* we started walking! :3 some of my friends who hadn't met up with us walked separately. our current group then had 14 people, so in the crowd we lost each other and walked in separate groups :O

we saw a lot of people that we knew, either from school or from facebook :D we were like, "oooh! isn't that *** from facebook?", "ahh, i saw her, i chatted with her~", "ehh??! isn't that ***??", "isn't he from our school? class ***?" XD

it was nice to have a chat while walking :3 but at the end of the walk we were kinda quiet and tired x.x

near the end when we were approaching the stadium, you know what we saw? people wearing STAR WARS costumes! XD!!

like every year, you get a certificate if you finish it before 100 minutes 

*we got certs ^^*. 

the special thing is that the leo club of sam tet would help distribute them out each year and my friend was looking at, err... one of them XD i asked her if she wanted me to help her take a pic but she was like "NOOOOOOO!! embarrassing!" x) all i can say is that the guy is short but she thinks he's leng zai o.o the taller one looks better larrrr XD

almost 20 people from my class came, and a lot more from other classes :D some of them *namely naomi and chai chai* went home before we could take a group photo == all the guys disappeared too, so i was the only guy in the pic T^T

of course i took a selca, zilian zilian zilian me x)

i wasn't really in the mood to take pictures and blog about this year's starwalk, like last year :O but i certainly agree that its better this year for me :D more friends came and more people were like me *aka kpop fan*. i saw this group of girls that drew BIGBANG behind their backs and it was cool! another group drew SUJU and it was cuter! but the best part was that the phone of this random person who was walking beside me rang and her ringtone was Jessica saying "GG!" ^^ i was like, "GIRLS' GENERATION MAKE YOU FEEL THE HEAT!!" too bad crystal couldn't come :O i could've talked with her the whole way about a whole LOT of things ><

well, that's all for now. i'm currently at Clearwater celebrating FATHERS DAY with my family and some friends :D

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