[28.06.12] Basketball + Weiqi + MOLESTED

June 28, 2012

hello hello world :D this post isn't going to have any pictures coz im using my phone *again ==* my dad onle let me use the computer for 1 hour today T^T

anyways, today was a very INTERESTING day XD first thing i had was PE and us guys were doing basketball.

PS: if the sport isn't volleyball, badminton or dancing, then i SUCK.

so yeah. I was there jumping and running, trying to get the ball in yhe basket...and i succeeded! ^^ all the other guys looked...um...better when they shot their balls *XD* into the hoop. i ran too slow, the teacher said, but who cares??! I was so happy that i could even get one ball in, let alone several balls :D I AM HAPPY.

there was no eca today because a WEIQI association came to give an introduction of the game to students. fyi, weiqi is that asian game you see on chinese/japanese/korean dramas with white and black pieces. yeah.

it was kind of interesting :D naomi, who was sitting on my left, was discussing something with puishi, so i talked mostly with jiajia the whole time :] my class monitor was sitting behind me and he...err...molested me throughout the talk. several times XD.

1. he poked my ASS
2. he ran his hands through my back
3. he ran his hand through my back AND ass
4. because my shirt wan't tucked in, he put his hand inside my shirt and ran his hand throught my back *shivers*

since he's kinda...pervertic and always does stuff like that i didn't really mind x) but...uh...SPEECHLESS XD

i just gao dim my club's name card designs, board of directors shirt and class shirt design (just the back). im happyyyyy :3 the exams have been postponed till the 23rd, so i have exactly 25 days till the exam. SHIT.

oh well, awesome people must be awesome, and being awesome needs hard work XD

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