back to school week + mid year exam results

June 15, 2012

its back to school /,\ although i KINDA missed school during the holidays, i want my holidays back now XD
my netbook is TOTALLY dead now, so i won't be able to post that much T^T my 600++ songs GONE, and i can't download new songs as well T^T why are all of the kpop groups making comebacks??! WHY NOW?? T^T

anyways, here's what happened during my first week back to school:

2 weeks of not wearing my felt kinda weird to be wearing it again XD

my bus came arrived late -,- so we had to enter the hall while the HODs were making their announcements. LAKSAE!

i distributed the KISSES that i bought in lankawi to everyone in my class XD my conclusion: everyone will be your friend when you have chocolate XD one of my friends injured my ear because of the chocolate though -,-

our form 2 monitor who went to singapore for her studies last year, Looi Yin Yee, came back! :D they were having a break or something, so she decided to come and visit us :] she just sat at the back of the class and at the end of the day, she told us all about singapore and gave advice how to improve ourselves. is our HIGHSCHOOL LIFE BAN ZHANG! forever ban zhang XP

we also took back some of our exam papers today :D first thing we had was double periods of add maths, so mr harris distributed our maths and add maths paper :O one word that came through my mind:


i got 11/90 for my add maths and 36/100 for my maths i think~ maths has always been my worst subject, but this has been the first time that i've failed BOTH of them /,\ seriously, i think maths was designed to kill people /,\ my chemistry was better off though XD i though i got 81/90, then plus 10 homework marks, i would have 91/100! XD but i actually got 81/120 :P still ok though, our chemistry teacher said i improved a lot. and i have! my chemistry tuition teacher was happy that i didn't fail too (i think ><)

holiday homework! one of the worst things invented! how am i supposed to do homework while i'm enjoying my holiday? -,- so i had to cram and like copy all of them XD in the future, i can be a human typewriter!

ps. my hair's getting kinda long ._____. should i cut?

i got all of my results back, and out of 12 subjects, i passed 10 of them! ^^ stupid maths ==

english composition: 74
english literature: 67
english language: 80
maths: 42
add maths: 21
biology: 72
physics: 56
chemistry: 75
chinese: 63
computer: 92
english oral: 70
pe: 58

== my siblings were also watching this cartoon on TV called adventure time, and i must say, i love LSP! XD she's funny! x)

our PE teacher has changed! i thought it was going to be fun, but he worked with the girls first with the volleyball and asked the guys to go for free activity. which was basketball. which i didn't know how to play. == so i just sat there for 40 minutes. i didn't even sweat! ish.

today i also got my ipoh starwalk 2011 shirt and goodie bag! ^^

the starwalk is gonna be on this sunday, and a lot of people from my class are going this year! ^^ more than 11 i think :D after that, my fellow leo club directors decided to have a meeting at chatime :3

during ECA we had our first BOD meeting for the fiscal year 2012/2013! *yay* we're planning something, better watch your back juniors =v=

my mom asked for our exam papers on this day :O my parents are the kind of people that don't look at your passes, even if you've got high marks. if you have a fail, it means your D. E. A. D.

so they took away my phone T^T

WO HAO SHANG XIN AHH! i have nothing to do now! == its like i'm at home, staring at the ceiling! my kpop is gone, my netbook is gone, and now my phone?? like PLEASE HAVE MERCYYYY T^T

when i got to schol i was all sleepy and blur @.@ my hair was a mess! i having my p***od day XD but at the end of the day it turned out okay :D

tomorrow i'll be having school (ish) and ILTI, and after that, its STARWALK! ^^ i hope it comes as quick as possible :3 but i also hope that the 22nd of june never comes! its my school's annual parents day, where students bring their parents to school to talk to their form teachers about their grades! OHHHHMAIIGODDDDD i don't want no parents day! T^T ohh well, let's just hope this year's parents day will be as good as lats year's parents day :O

*ps i'm designing my club's card now :D we'll finally have cards!*


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