[ENGSUBS] Running Man BIGBANG Special

June 7, 2012

ok, so i know that i'm probably one of the people that haven't already seen this yet, but better late than never right? :) i watched it last night and only one thing came to my mind:


:D TOP is kinda cute when he's clueless and GD's damn funny, seeking revenge on Haha XD Taeyang's awesome too! ^^ Daesung and Seungri as well :3 those people working in that building have got to be one of the most luckiest working people on earth XD 

i'm still looking for my SNSD Running Man :( i found some of the clips, but no full version T^T somebody help meeeeeeeeeeee~

the 2 episodes are stuck together, so there are nine parts :)

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