June 5, 2012

ANNYEONG <3 its meeeeeee, im back! even though my netbook's screen's cracked and i can;t see 50% of the screen, i'm bearing it just to update my blog

today was a super day for me :D its now 1.54am as im typing this, so its actually 05/06 now >< but anyhoo, here's what happened :)

i woke up and dyed my hair! ^^ until now i can still smell the after colour conditioner, its too fragrant! @.@ i'll update with some pics soon :) recently i haven't been feeling very well, like i'm happy now and i'll be sad in the next hour and bored in the next. -,- 

i met up with Naomi, Sandra, Meng Yee (Sandra's cousin) and BenJoi at Daorae! ^^ its a korean barbecue restaurant :] i made a new friend today! ^^ it turns out that Meng Yee's a really big fan of KPOP too, and she's a SONE like me! ^^ she likes Jessica the most :) we were talking about kpop the whole time we were there, and talked about the MVs playing on the TV on the wall~ Sandra and Naomi prepared these questions to ask us all after we ate XD Zack came afterwards.

we walked around De Garden and Jusco coz the movie we were going to watch was starting at 4.45. Meng Yee was fun to talk too XD Naomi, Sandra, Meng Yee and I came across this body check thing that was going on at the mall so we had a free body analysis :) i know for a fact that im only 53kg, but since we had a heavy lunch, we were much heavier than our usual weight T^T but something surprised me!

I AM 168.9cm TALL!

:D last time i checked i was only 168cm tall! :3 i was so happy XD

we watched Snow White and the Huntsman.i dunno if its because i haven't watched a movie on the big screens for some time now, but it was seriously awesome! words cannot describe it!

Meng Yee went home before the movie started coz she already watched it while she was at KL, so Naomi and Sandra went home by taxi (dunno where BenJoi went ><) i accompanied Zack to Haagen Dazs at De Garden to buy some icecream for his sister. he treated me ice cream! i am eternally grateful :D

well, i'm still catching up to Love Rain,so i guess its BYE BYE for now :3 i love my hair's colour under the sun now :) THANK YOU SANDRA FOR BEING SO GENEROUS! :D


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