Parents Day + Damansara

June 24, 2012

parents day wasn't really that good for me ==  my parents changed the wifi password which i worked so hard to get, and we get TIMED sessions using the desktop pc. HAIZ.
anyhoo, after card giving, my parents, sis and i went to Damansara to shop for new furniture at IKEA :D no pictures though. i didn't think i could even TOUCH a computer, let alone blog.

the furniture was awesome as usual, and i love it when im surrounded by people from different countries :D IM INTERNATIONAL, BABY! *XD eunhae* there was even a pair of korean ahjummas shopping for coffee tables.

after IKEA, we headed to the Curve. there was a bazaar going on at the street and there was this french band *they came from paris!* playing at the main...err...court. its the for the euro cup thing, and the bass guitar player/singer's voice was niceeeeeee :) she can become a singer x)

we walked around the bazaar and came across this shop that was selling charms and i LOVED it! my sis and i bought matching wings, but i though to myself, i just HAVE to get more of these!! x)

we had a quick bite at Subway, went for more window shopping and headed home. 

it was a quiet ride home, well, for my parents and my sis. i was listening to my ipod :] i was trying to fall asleep when i looked at the crescent moon. It was WHITE, but a short while later, it turned RED! @.@ eclipse??! lol, so i told everyone and we stared at it for like 10 minutes @.@ THEN IT DISAPPEARED! o.o

back home i was happy to rest my aching ass and my then numb feet :O i peeled myself of my skinny jeans and went to sleep :)


i searched up those charms on my mum's ipad and OHMYGLOB i want them alllllll T^T

btw mum leaves on the 8th, so im planning to ask her to buy some ALBUMS/BOOKS/MANGOES/KPOP STUFF for me. the advantages of having an international mother <3 my aunt and her daughter sophie will be moving to the US with sophie's dad uncle phil, so my grandma's gonna be staying with us here in malaysia. INTERNATIONAL FAMILY much XD

other than that, im a-okay. monthly exams are exactly 3 weeks away *WHY THE HELL ARE THERE EXAMS AGAIN??!* and im planning on getting good grades this time! the fate of me meeting BIGBANG is on the line! i need to see T.O.P GD TAEYANG SEUNGRI and DAESUNG LIVE this october!

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