June 8, 2012

i was watching clips on youtube and i suddenly got curious about my IQ @.@ the only time that i had an IQ test was when i was in elementary school, and i forgot that long ago. so i decided to test myself again and downloaded an IQ test app on my phone. DAMN what the hell were those questions?? -,- boxes and circles and arrows and shaded shapes~ i could do the first 10+ questions but my mind was totally blank during the last ones -,- I SEE NO DIFFERENCE XD but at the end i got the result of 100 /,\ one mark less and it would have been a double-digit figure~ the app said it was normal, but is 100 really normal?? i wikipedia-ed it and they said that there was no specific table for it -,- duh. so i guess i can just assume that my brain really is normal x)

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