[20.06.12] PARIS + S1 advance?

June 20, 2012

today, i dozed off during double periods of physics >< i didn't mean to, it was just that it was so damn BORING x.x

and nowadays, i have very VIVID dreams :O does that mean anything?

well, i'm not sure, but when i woke up, the first thing i asked naomi was "wey, do you wanna go to PARIS??" XD

random! actually i had a vivid dream and it went kinda like this:

i was on a plane looking out the window. the plane touched down and it was twilight in paris.

then i went to eat pasta for dinner at a nearby restaurant 

and had a night stroll around paris

then i stayed there for a week and took a lot of pictures XD

then my physics teacher woke me up xP

since then i've been thinking, when i grow up, i wanna go to a lot of places. i wanna go to Paris, Seoul *of course*, Japan and everywhere else XD

anyhoo, i've been BORED to death lately -,- my phone's memory is to small! i wanna buy a new phone like crystal's phone, an S1 advance

i think my parents are interested in buying an S3 for themselves -,- RICHHH ahhh ta men -,- my phone is okay, its just that i NEED a front camera, a BETTER main camera, a bigger screen and MORE memory /,\ aishh

i downloaded this new app by the way XD it called "KEEP CALM :D it makes those keep calm photos x)


and nobody's replying my messages on line :O everyone's to busy D: at least i have Patrick to accompany me XD

bye bye for now! hope i survive parent's day on friday X.X they'll see my report card, and i dunno how my parents are gonna react. pray for me :P

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