June 2, 2012

i just got back from KL! :D

first thing we did was to go to the embassy of the philippines to make new passports :D we had to take a picture there and my HAIR was to long! == so it had to be pushed all the way back and the photo looked hideous! its now gonna be on my passport for 5 years. T^T

the hotel we were staying at was the Radius International hotel at bukit bintang :D this was the view outside my room ^^

but before checking in, we went to Pavillion first :D Tokyo Street was still on and we bought japanese popcorn XD

we stayed at the hotel till about 6pm and went for a walk at the surrounding area :O

i got to buy new shoes! yay! ^^

we also went into this music shop XD

on the way back, we bought some dinner and brought it back to the hotel. my sibs and i goofed off as usual XD we are harry potter fans!

i then went on twitter till about 11...err 12?? i forgot ><

next morning we went to KLCC :]

i saw this near the entrance xp the restaurant was reopening and it had this sign outside:

we had a big breakfast at McDonalds and it was off to Kinokuniya! one of the best book stores EVER! ^^ i bought me Catching Fire since i've already finished The Hunger Games...KATNISS AND PEETA ARE MY HEROES :D i wanna meet Cinna XD


the view from Kinokuniya's window

and after lunch at the Manhattan Fish Market at the Ampamng Park Shopping Centre, we headed home :( i'm gonna miss KL and all the blonde people XD i hope i get to go back soon! im kinda missing Damansara too :@ anyways, imma be more active in twitter, so follow me and imma follow you back! :D

bye!! ^^

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