[OFFICIALMV] SNSD - Time Machine

March 12, 2012

woo!! its coming out!! ^^ the teaser for the PV was realesed and i must say, im curious!! XD i need the full version!! ^^

too bad the teaser got blocked D: i watched it, but since it wasn't SM who posted it, the video was made private -,- so i can't post about it now~ too bad~ gonna post it when they officially come out though :D 

but another one was released in japan, but it was in a news report so this guy was like, talking non stop -,-

[UPDATE] woohoo!! its here!! but again, its not SM uploaded soo it might get blocked soon >< so watch it here now!! ^^

in the teaser, they were all in separate places:
Sooyoung on a couch near a telephone
Yoona in a wedding dress in the street
Seohyun in a weddin dress looking at an album
Taeyeon leaning against a wall with flowers
Tiffany (err, looking upwards with an umbrella??)
Sunny turn and looks behind in the (rain??)
HYOYEON LOOKING AWESOME IN A train station i think~
Jessica was in a car,i think~
Yuri was on a bed, then slid down on the floor and i kinda think she cried

:D look forward to it!

ps: here's some of the pics of the teaser i found online:

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