AEON Station 18 is finally opened! ^^

March 29, 2012

whoopee!! ^^ AEON Station 18 opened today so i went with my bro, sis, mom and my mom's friend and her son together! ^^ we only ate for a while, but the place was really big! a lot of nice shops, too ^^ my friends and i are planning on going together either this weekend or on this wednesday :)

there were so many people!!

:D i was like "omomomomo, aeon! ooh, it's elle girl! OMO! wendy's! SHIT! is that Cotton On i see??! OMFG its sakae sushi!* XD

i wanted to eat at Sushi King, but my mom insisted on the Pancake House :( the food tasted awesome but then i wanted to...stalk someone XD oh well, there's still next time XD

:3 only thing i regretted today was the sushi king thing xD everywhere else i can go next time XD anyways, i hope i can go again asap! :D

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