my holiday plan

March 11, 2012 totally blank O.O well, not really totally~

today, my mom and dad left for their holiday in the philippines :D and imma get a load ok kpop stuff when they get back XD

-SNSD Run Devil Run album (finally!! ^^ im getting one! that is, if my aunt can find one O.O *praying*)
-SNSD Oh! album (wooooo!! ^^ 2 albums!! :D i want this one too!! ^^)
-SNSD ballers (wristbands :D i waaaaaaaaaaantttttttt)
-SNSD, SJ, 2NE1 and BIGBANG button badges
-FTIsland studded bracelet :D (saw this on an online kpop store :D i so waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant it XD)
-blue jacket (remember my previous giordano jacket?? :O i lost one and i want another one in the same colour!! ><)

:D me and my sis are also planning on putting on black nail polish this holiday :D that is, IF we get to buy one :O we gotta go to a mall~

and that's pretty much it :O im also going to kw's house on friday :D the whole holiday im gonna be watching korean dramas and shows :O i wonder what everybody else is doing x)

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