exam week :O

March 9, 2012

exam's over!! ^^ and im here to tell you all about my week :O

i had BM and physics, but this whole day i was SICK so i thought i would fail PHYSICS T^T

english and math :D i aced english *finished it at 9.30 ^^* and maths was kinda easy too :D

bio and chinese!!! why??? T^T chinese was HARD for meeeeee T^T and at the end of the day, mr loke was VERY funny XD

mr loke: who didn't read this part?
*some people raise their hands*
mr loke: wei shen me? we shen me ni men mei you du?? wei shen meeeeeeee *drama-ing* 


add maths T^T die lurrr~ i didn't know how to do some of the questions~ chemistry was kinda hard too, but then...

woohoo!! ^^ last day of school and there's only one exam, and its damn easy that everybody finished it in 15 minutes! ^^ COMPUTER! :D

today, kw told us that her mum was going to kl and asked if we wanted to tag along :D of course wo YAO!! ^^ but then my mu doesn't totally agree -,- gotta ask my dad~

we also got our phy and chem exam papers, and guess what??


but i failed chem by 5 marks?? how? why? the whole time my mind set was like:

me: sei lohh, im sick and im taking physics today?? sure die T^T

me: i've prepared for this day since the school started! i even took tuition! sure pass!!

T^T haiz~

i just hope that i can go to kl~

anyways, when i got back home, i went straight to the laptop XD wednesday and thursday de shi hou, i didn't have wifi =,= so i missed aa lot of things!

open youtube:
WAHH!!! FANTASTIC BABY mv is out!! ^^

wah!! EXO's new song!!

wah!! TAEYEON's birthday!

but zui important jiu shi:

^^ now gonna watch my DREAM HIGH 2, SNSDaDB, INVINCIBLE YOUTH 2 and all the mvs that i've missed :D

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