[02.03.12] busy busy day

March 2, 2012

the monthly exams are just 2 days away :O are you READYYYYYYYY??? XD

my school's WONDERFUL principal started to install cctv in all the classrooms and corridors around the school =,= so that means no more talking, copying homework, sleeping and other stuff that we enjoy doing T^T if they have enough money to buy that may cameras, they should at least upgrade the canteen first or something~ give us lockers, new ml labs or new classrooms, dammit!! :*

haiz, anyways, when i got home today, i was totally in ELF mode XD i downloaded all of the Mr Simple songs into my ipod and they all rock! especially Andante, Be my girl, A day and almost every song XD it was THAT good.

also tried to touch my physics today, which made my head hurt == so i took a shower to cool down XD i posted on fb that i was having trouble with my physics and my previous leo club president asked if she could help me XD thanks, kityee :D

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