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March 25, 2012

im back, bloggie :) for the past week i've been kinda lazy to blog, and i've finally decided to post again. BLOGGING IS MY VICE >< i decided to make this post a diary post. not just things that happened recently, but also things that i've been thinking about. i've had a lot on my mind lately, and i'm in my serious mode right now :) i'm just keeping to myself quietly.

our first monthly exams have been released and SEI lo,i'm dead x.x

english: 62/100 (this is shocking!! the first time i got an english mark lower than 75!)
maths: 54/100
addmaths: 50/100
physics: 50something/100
bio: 75/100
chemistry: 50/100
computer: 86/100 (O.O)
chinese: 54/100

haiz, all so low T^T my mom will slaughter me. i haven't told my parents yet. i'm gonna ask them to sign my form to the leo forum before i show it to them ><

my mood this week's been EMO. every morning i wake up and i feel like dying. my mind's blank most of the time and i rarely REALLY smile nowadays. good thing i have my friends with me :) you guys make me smile to my ears and laugh like there's no tomorrow. wo yong yuan hui ai ni men <3

at least i'm still the zilian EROS that everybody knows >< i got a new facial cleanser, and i must say, its nice :D refreshing and all that.

i got a lot of pimples when i ran out of my FACESHOP cleanser, but you know what happened when i started using this??

:D i do like BB cream, but i never wear it when i go out :X and i found this pic when i still had my long hair and my black nails :D

Don't cry because it's over.
Smile because it happened.

i'm sosososo SORRY to naomi and sammi for using your iPods and S2 for always zipai-ing >< thanks for always being there for me, always treating me, spending your money on me, especially naomi noona ><

my songs for the weeks are Pixie Lott ft GD&TOP's Dancing on my own

and FTIsland's SEVERELY<3

i'm not that big of a fan on FTIsland, but i like this song <3 the lyrics are...meaningful.

another thing why i've been depressed is because of my EUNHAE fanfics  T^T update pleaseeeeeeee i'm dying of suspense!! >< the fanfics are just so...YENG XD i now know why ms YYC likes BL so much XD i ship eunhae! ^^

and the biggest contributor to my depression? SNSD CAME TO MALAYSIA AND I COULDN'T FREAKING GO TO KL AND SEE THEM LIVE T^T i could've gone and seen them live at last, but...T^T

the next time they come to malaysia, I WILL GO SEE THEM! i need to see them T^T

back to my diary post~
only 21 months till my friends and i separate. 21 months is a long time, but it will only seem like 21 minutes for us T^T i hope that in the future, we'll all still be good friends :)


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