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March 17, 2012

:D my parents just got back from the philippines! ^^ no albums though -,- ALL OF THEM WERE OUT OF STOCK. no OH, no RDR, no ALIVE, no nothing T^T i forgot that filipino people were also korean addicts XD oh well~

i still got some kpop stuff though :D i got an SNSD Run Devil Run/SJ bottle, button badges and 2PM and SJ ballers ^^

i also got nice Crocs shoes a pair of skinny jeans and a japanese print shirt

a red notebook, a puncher (-,- ?????) and an iphone 4 pen holder XD

my aunty said that she felt bad for not being able to buy our albums for us, so she gave us money instead XD

i like this angpau ^^

and i also got this cute keychain XD

:D so im happeeeeeeeeeeee with the things i have now :) happy that my parents got back safely too ^^

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