A day in jusco

March 15, 2012

i went to jusco today! :D with my aunt, jeff, demi, her friend fizza and my bro and sis :) all of them went to watch a movie, but my sis and i spent the whole day window shopping, reading at the bookstore, REALLY shopping, etc~

since the movie was from 4 to 6, my sis and i went about walking in jusco :)

we stopped at jusco for wifiiiii 

:D then while browsing, we also saw T-ARA's John Travolta Wannabe and Roly Poly in Casablanca :D i wanted to buy them!! along with a RM50 ACHA! only for sale in sg and my :(

i also saw FEVER when we stopped by Popular!! OMG!! the second book to Wither!! :D i was like, HAPEEEEEEE XD so i read that the whole time we were there.

and when we bought snacks, my sis and i bought kpop goods! ^^ she bought an SNSD button badge and i bought an SNSD keychain :)

and i bought a studded bracelet!! ^^ i have my old one that i bought at Tangs, but i kinda like this better :D

my sis decided to buy nail polish from Sasa, so i went with her

and put on some too >< it was DAMN bothersome to put on though -,- i used almost 2 hours on one hand, removing and reapplying, and voila! ^^

but my nails were long and it looked all WRONG == so i rubbed it off and started again. haiz.

and after some time:

i did my left hand, so i decided to do my left foot. half half >< all i can say that its so MA FAN! :X

but what's important is the end product :D

but in a few days im gonna have to rub them off -,- school. ish. nevermind. i prefer my nail clean anyway XD byeee :D

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