MoA/Melody of Angel

March 27, 2012

OHMYGOD. this is epic!! O.O new discovery!! there's a singer named MoA who covers kpop songs (mostly 2NE1) and sings them in ENGLISH and they are the best covers that i have EVER heard. she DOES kinda sound like 2NE1~

first song i heard that she covered was Pretty Boy

and i was like, OMOMOMOMOMOMO!! XD she's also covered Park Bom's You and I:

2NE1's Love is Ouch (i love this song ^^):

2NE1's Lonely

2NE1's Fire:

SNSD's Gee (she sang the japanese version)

Secret's Shy Boy

4minute's HUH

Song Jieun's Going Crazy

and so much more <3 <3 /<3 you can check some of the out at are other covers like SNSD's Run Devil Run, Narsha's Bbi Ri Bba Bba, BIGBANG's Tonight, GD's Heartbreaker and Kara's Jumping ^^v too bad she's not covering anymore :O it would have been awesome if she covered I AM THE BEST!

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