December 25, 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! :D late post coz i was kinda buzy with celebrating and stuff :D

and our decor wasn't that grand, but under the tree were loads of presents! ^^

^^ me and bros euri, enzo and elvis were staring at the clock, waiting for 12am XD

we ate lots of yummy food and since mom didn't let me drink red wine, i drank french berry sparkling juice! ^^

my crazy sibs were doing headbangs while my dad was singing karaoke -,-

after christmas dinner was opening presents, but we took some pics first XD uncle Phil was so impatient XD (OMG my hair in this picture ==)

and after a LONG photo session XD we opened presents! ^^ a BIG santa in an orange shirt handed out the presents :D

euri was busy tearing up his wrappers

and my mom got an iPad and my aunt an iPhone 4s!!

and of course, i had presents too!! ^^

^^ click HERE to see in detail what i got for christmas :D i'll go through them 1 by 1 ^^


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