December 11, 2011

i have ALLERGY!! i drank Carlo Rossi (i kept thinking of Carlo Rino ><) on the 9th, my bro's birthday, and had drunk -,- i had a flu that day, and got drunk~ in my sleep i was scratching myself like HELL because i thought it was just hot, but i just notice TODAY (12/12) that i have these red stuff on my skin! WTF! i asked mom and she said that its allergy! T^T

prepare yourselves to see my RED SPOTS

and so i can't eat fish crackers and food that are "dangerous" for me right now -,- but my face is totally unaffected XD my face is still ME XD 

kinda fat in this photo -,- so i gotta shed some weight -,- *GASP* XD byebye!

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