Real Nature Strawberry Smoothie Face Pack

December 26, 2011

i got this product from TheFACEShop and i decided to make a blog post about it

so it comes in 110ml packs and the strawberry one is supposed to be rich in vitamin c as it has fruit acids (and it literally has strawberry seeds in it) and it soothes and moisturizes your face.

the inside of the product

the smoothie mask pack LOOKS like strawberry jam, FEELS like strawberry jam and SMELLS like strawberry jam -,- again, LITERALLY. if i didn't know this thing was for my face i would have put it on bread and eaten it straight away -,-

application onto skin:

i researched online on how to apply this on my skin, and on one link, it said to:

1. wash your face with a cleanser
2. take a reasonable amount of the mask pack
3. spread it on your face
4. leave it on for about 5~10 mins and then wash off

so i did exactly what the link said, and as i was waiting for the 10 minutes to be over, i researched more about it and i found this pic -,-

click on the pic above if you can't see it clearly~  on the "how to use" part, it says to "put it in the refrigerator after use"


wth i didn't know that! the writing on the bottle of my product was all in korean -,- so after reading that, i put the product in the refrigerator and hid it because someone might accidentally eat it XD really! they wouldn't know!

so here's my face after i used it, i smell like strawberries and my skin is strawberry-fied XD totally no edit :)

my nose kinda has a red spot from me scratching it >< let's hope strawberry heals me! ^^ STRAWBERRY FOREVER! XD till the next post!

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