[20.12.11] christmas SHOPPING!

December 20, 2011

^^ its christmas!! this post will mostly be about day 2 of our shopping :D


me and my bro Euri scouted Jusco for gifts :D SnJ, Maggie T and Lovely Lace were having sales at AWESOMEEE rates and had a sort of like an expo at the activity place there~

first, i met ms NA OH MI and Sandra at Fitness embassy coz we were gonna work out together, but i came too late -,- they were done, so euri and i split and he went to SnJ and i went with Sandra and ms NA OH MI to Cafe Takahashi :D i learned a new term: "AA" ^^

soon after that they had to go home, so euri and i went around and bought the first few presents (we hang out a lot at McDonalds coz of the wifi ><)

and roamed just a lot o.o my legs ached when we got home

but there was this scenario where a saleslady asked me if i was studying here, i said yes, in poi lam high, and she said "high? high school? no way! i thought you were in college!" ==

then it was...

DAY 2!

^^ at home, Uncle Phil and all my sibling and were playing ball XD

and since today was the last day we could shop, we took out all our money! even the coins! ^^ i was in charge of holding the money :D so wo hen shuang! all that money! even all our coins! we took all our money out!

and we bought a lot! especially at SnJ! ^^ SnJ forever!

we went to a lot of places!! i checked into most of the places in foursquare when i got to mcdonalds for an ice cream cone (AA style :D courtesy of my sis Yana)

and when we got home, we wrapped wrapped wrapped our presents! ^^ a total of 15 presents! some cheap, some omg expensive! some small, some too big! some light, some too heavy! some soft as a pillow, some as hard as metal! ^^ 

my present to myself? GIRLS' GENERATION MR. TAXI THE THIRD ALBUUUUUUUM!!!! ^^ its the Mr Taxi version of the boys! ^^ album + 9 photocards (+4 more extra cards, the album info) + random card with sign and message (i got sooyoung ^^) + poster! 

^^ i wonder if i'll be able to recieve The Boys album (the pink metal one!!) this christmas :D hope i will! ^^ christmas is the time to empty your pockets!

*btw changed my facebook cover too :)

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