200 Pound Beauty

December 11, 2011

TEARJERKER ahh, this one ='D you really really REALLY can't watch it without feeling something. if you don't, you're either not a person or a rock -,- the ENDING!! that's the part where you will cry! look forward to it!

its about a fat, ugly girl named Kang Hannah, and she sings very good, but since she doesn't have the looks, she sings behind the stage and Ammi, a beautiful, err, person? lip syncs on stage. but hannah's in love with the manager, and until she can't take it anymore, goes for PLASTIC SURGERY and one year later, BAM! she's perfect! but she wants to sing again, and auditions for the same company under the name Jenny. you really HAVE to watch this!!!

the original her

she didn't know how to walk like a thin person XD

the scene where the manager figured out who she was! what did she write on the glass?

ending :D
lesson learned: LOVE YOURSELF. there's nothing else better. if you're ok with who you are then that's fine. you don't know, you might loathe yourself, but others might like you just the way you are. actually, reason i was attracted to even watch this movie was because my teacher Ms. Chang from when i was in form 2 recommended it to us while we were having a geography lesson XD

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