The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

December 5, 2011

woohoo! finally got to watch it! ^^ hmm, i think im KINDA thankful that they edited the gross giving birth part (the movie skipped to when Edward was covered in blood, Bella was lifeless and Rosalie was taking care of Renesmee) but SERIOUSLY!!! i didn't get to see Edward BITE Bella and give her venom! =3= it was like she just died! o.o

and the part i think everyone wanted to see, the WEDDING! :D the altar was really nice with all the hanging flowers and such~ they even released a picture of the invitation to E+B's wedding :D Alice looked kinda different, more mature with her new hair, but Jasper and everyone else looked the same, if not more perfect XD

and in the wedding reception, the Denali Coven showed up :D

and Isle Esme was awesomeeee ^^

:D she REALLY looked like she was dying when she was pregnant with Renesmee O.O

and as i said, the giving birth part was edited -,- 

but Bella's transformation made up for the disappointment :D

and what i liked the most? HER RED EYES!! :D honestly! i think i wanna buy a pair of contacts XD

i can't wait for part 2 to come out :D im one of the many people that read the whole Twilight Saga even before the first Twilight movie came out :D i've re-read and re-read them ever since ^^

my set of the twilight saga ^^ im just missing the two illustrated versions of twilight and the illustrated guide
my battered copy of Twilight ><

the spine of my copy of Breaking Dawn's kinda been too, er, INJURED XD my favourite book! ^^

can't wait! :D

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