Time Machine - SNSD

December 27, 2011

SNSD's repackage album of The Boys with the jap version of the song's coming out! and there's gonna be a bonus new song "Time Machine"! 

you know how a writer wrote Run Devil Run, let Ke$ha do a demo, and when she didn't like it, the writer sold it to SME?

and when one of the writers of Mr Taxi, Allison Veltz, did a demo english version of the song?

well this time, Time Machine's kinda the same, copyrights to the song was bought from the writer(s) and SNSD's version of the song will be included in the repackage album :D woopee!!

except, well,of course, the writer did a demo of the song XD so there's an ENGLISH version of the song!

and the song's gonna be translated to Japanese! (howmany times did i say that already ><) WHY???!sing it in english!! T.T here's yet another preview of the JAPANESE version of the song now, but a guy's cover of it,and its pretty damn good :D

and another leak from the song XD this time SNSD is really singing it but there'sthis annoying japanese man talking in the background -,-

so let's wait for the song! ^^ jigeumeun SONYEOSHIDAE!

[UPDATE] its now been released! listen to it! ^^ SOUNDS AWESOME!

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