whatever happens, i can't express my ANGER :O

December 17, 2011

really :O my anger has 3 levels:

level 1
- i just get annoyed and i quietly ANTI the person

level 2
- i get PISSED and talk back at the person

level 3
- i'm super angry and i start shouting, but actually i'm thinking of a good comeback, and my voice'll be shaky.
- my eyes XD i tend to glare at people.
- after the shouting and the glaring, if im still angry, i get to the point where my hands tremble O.O
- and i always look for team mates aka people i can talk rubbish about the person i'm angry at :X

all my friends know this XD as a replacement to EXPRESSING my anger, i just try and ACT angry (even though i really am) so that i have something to concentrate on~ then people will think, "omg, he's angry! he can't be angry but he is!" XD the satisfaction~

reason i'm posting this is because of my BITC*Y sister =,= for the past few days she's been playing with her nail polish, (apply, wear for 5 seconds, remove) =,= its so freaking annoying! every time i enter the bathroom it freaking reeks of acetone and the white sink's covered in PINK, PURPLE and BLUE!

all those things i wrote above only made me go to my level 1 anger, today, when i asked her to look at what she did to the sink, i went to level 2 == she was like:

sis: wtf?? there's nothing here! why are you making me clean it when it's clean?!
me: look! its's got colors in it!
sis: so??
me: its just that i think you're getting addicted to painting your nails that its unbearable!
sis: wtf i'm addicted to painting my nails?

and EVERY NIGHT she goes downstairs to watch her precious ANIME SHOWS so that she watched the latest episode before my bros =,= (she did this one night and made me and euri NOT able to watch our korean movie =,= F F F!!!!) so since me and euri anti-ed her for this, i brought it up.

me: at least i'm not a child that always watches freaking anime shows at night just so that i can be ahead of our two brothers!
sis: at least i have a life!
me: OH you call that a life??
sis: how about you?! you're STARING at nothing for the whole day!

=,= because of THAT statement i totally got pissed and got on to level 3 of my anger!! ==

p.s i DON'T just stare at nothing for the whole day ok, i spend my time watching dramas, going online, reading books, walking the dog that MY FREAKING BITC* SISTER CAN'T SLEEP WITHOUT, listening to music, learning korean and loads of other stuff! what about her? PAINT PAINT PAINT! the ONLY chore that my mom asks her to do  at home is to bathe the dog, but she says she can't even do that because her FREAKING NAILS WILL GET CHIPPED! so who does it?  US! == she can't walk the dog cuz my mom says she's a girl, she doesn't wash dishes, its always me and euri and she thinks she's so freaking perfect! another thing that pisses me off is that me and euri both dance ok, and the effing BITC* would to, if she just got rid of her BITC*Y EXPRESSION and her CHUAN EYES! == really, i'm not just saying this, if you see her, she'll be all like "oh, i can dance this, let's dance this" but she can't! == me and my BROTHER are more flexible than her =,= and i dance coz i like dancing and when i'm happy, but SHE just acts emo in her room and when she dances, she thinks she's so good, telling us that we aren't, but she's the one that isn't! she randomly dances and she goes around writing "dancing is my passion" and "dancing is my life" in her notebooks? CLICHE MUCH! == im soooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking pissed right now -,- i was on level 1 about the korean movie thing (euri was on level 2) but now i just wanna push her off a cliff or something! == pissed pissed pissed pissed pissed!!!!!!!!!!! =,= seriously i need to get out with my friends~ at least I HAVE REAL FRIENDS not like hers =,= go stay in your WITCH DEN and paint your nails till you explode BITC*!!!!

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