[ENG SUB] SNSD and Dangerous Boys

December 23, 2011
SNSD's new show, Girls' Generation and Dangerous Boys!

SNSD's new show :D finally found eng subs! ^^ gonna update this post every time a new episode is aired :D TAEYEON JESSICA TIFFANY SUNNY YURI HYOYEON SEOHYUN SOOYOUNG YOONA! ^^ i am now a fan of GU JISOO :D that voice is just so...DEEP XD HOIHOON ye shi hen ke ai!! YONGHYUN SEONGHWAN KYUNKYU too :D they're so...FUNNY! XD in their own way! ^^ SO! SO! SO! SO! SO! FIGHTING!

credits to taenacity for the videos ^^


2 comments on "[ENG SUB] SNSD and Dangerous Boys"
  1. Whn will ep3 come out......

  2. the episode wasn't aired coz its the new year. it will come out soon though


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