Dongho + Kiseop + Soohyun

December 6, 2011

dongho: hehehe, i'm on a date ^^ jealous, huh!!! hehe
kiseop: wanna eat chocolate? wanna eat candy ^^?
soohyun: everyone...i've found someone who i love...i'm sorry...i'll release the photo...please do not despair..


After the pictures, Dongho started the 'fight' by tweeting to Soohyun:
[Trans] ….hyung, now….you’re sitting next to MY girlfriend and…what are….you doing?;;;ㅡㅡ

Soohyun later replied his tweet saying:
[Trans] dongho ya! give [her] up to your hyung!!

Dongho then replied Soohyun:
[Trans] wow…..ㅜㅜㅜ cry cry what am i supposed to do? ㅠㅜㅠ

At this moment, Kiseop joined in their conversation:
[Trans] what the heck is this.. what are you doing to MY girlfriend……

To this, Dongho replied:
[Trans] my girlfriend says that kiseop hyung is not that good keke

And to end this, Soohyun gave up and tweeted:

[Trans] fine i’ll give up… then i’ll just date KISS-MES!! hahahahahahahahaha

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