Innisfree Water Glow Jelly Essence Mask Review • 悦诗风吟 水光果冻面膜

March 18, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing my review of Innisfree's Water Glow Jelly Essence Masks!

I got these masks over Chinese New Year as a souvenir from my friend Naomi who is currently studying in China. She found them really good and brought some back for me to try. Apparently they're exclusive only to China, and after searching online I found that she was right! I couldn't find them on any of Innisfree's official websites (Korean one included) aside from their official China website. It's actually listed as their top seller!

I searched for videos & blog reviews and found nothing as well,  so I thought of filming a video and writing up a post to share more about them with you guys.

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These sheet masks promise to enrich the skin with its jelly-like essence that is fresh & non-sticky. I couldn't really find more info about it aside from the packaging because the Innisfree China website itself didn't have any extra information. 

This sheet mask is available in 5 different variants:

1. Sodium Hyaluronate - hyaluronic acid gives skin volume by holding onto water
Innisfree Water Glow Jelly Essence Mask Review 悦诗风吟 水光果冻面膜

2. Propolis - comes from honey, assists in balancing, healing and soothing problematic skin
Innisfree Water Glow Jelly Essence Mask Review 悦诗风吟 水光果冻面膜

3. Madecassoside - comes from the Centella Asiatica plant (which I love because its really good
for acne), helps with healing + anti aging
Innisfree Water Glow Jelly Essence Mask Review 悦诗风吟 水光果冻面膜

4. Ellagic Acid - improves skin's elasticity, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
Innisfree Water Glow Jelly Essence Mask Review 悦诗风吟 水光果冻面膜

5. Collagen - helps withh skin elasticity, wrinkles & scar treatment

Apparently the not all the Innisfree shops in China carry all variants, and the shop in my friend's city did not carry Collagen. It wasn't out of stock, they just didn't carry it. I mean, this mask is already exclusive to the country, now they're exclusive to each city too??? What is this marketing strategy Innisfree hahaha

Innisfree Water Glow Jelly Essence Mask Review 悦诗风吟 水光果冻面膜

As I mentioned, my friend got this from an Innisfree shop in China. It costs 18 Chinese Yuan or RM11/$2.84 per sheet.

Compared to Innisfree's other sheet mask, this isn't on the cheap side. You can get their My Real Squeeze masks for as low as RM2-RM4 here in Malaysia, depending on the promo. However, I personally think RM11 is still pretty okay. There's 33ml of product and you can get 6 masks of 1 variant in a box for a cheaper price as well.

The packaging is your normal Innisfree sheet mask packaging. I like the jelly theme they have and how they portrayed each variant with a different coloured jelly.

Innisfree Water Glow Jelly Essence Mask Review 悦诗风吟 水光果冻面膜

I ran the ingredients stated on the website on Skincarisma and found that the ingredients range from EWG level 1-3, which is pretty ok. The ingredients overall have very low risk, and people with dry skin would greatly benefit from this mask because of its skin soothing (Martricaria Flowe Extract) & powerful moisturizing properties (Butene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin).

Before opening the masks I thought they would be hydrogel masks with different colours, and I was slightly disappointed that they were just cotton masks with a jelly like essence. However, my disappointment turned to joy when I realized how amazing the essence was!

Instead of a jelly I think the essence is more like a light gel (similar to aloe vera gel). It's rich, cool and deeply moisturizing, and there's totally too much essence in one bag!

I'm not complaining though, I just slather on the extra essence on the mask. It absorbs into the skin pretty easily, albeit at a slightly slower speed than how normal aloe vera gel would.

They're all transparent except for the propolis one which is slightly yellowish, and I feel that the sodium hyaluronate one had the most extra essence.

After essence or serum, I would apply this mask. Since there really is a lot of product, I suggest putting some on the mask, but not all of it. After 20 minutes, I remove the mask, pat the essence that the mask left into my skin, then finish by lathering the extra essence from the bag onto my face. Not kidding, that's how much essence is in these masks.

I FRIGGIN LOVE THESE MASKS! The abundance of essence + how hydrating and moisturizing they are is just insane! Its literally like someone took aloe vera gel, made it into different ingredients and put tons of the essence in bags hahaha. I really feel like they're refreshing as well, because they're just so cooling to the skin when you wear them.

My fave out of all 4 that I got is the Sodium Hyaluronate. It has even more essence in it (if that even makes sense at this point) and I feel like my skin was the most moisturized after using it.

Girl, I already asked Naomi to buy me a box of 6 for each variant hahaha. I hope she goes to another city in China soon too where the collagen mask is available!

And that's it for this post! Thank you guys so much for dropping by, I hope y'all found this post helpful and informative. See y'all in the next one!

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