Caffe Bene Ultra Violet Menu Review

March 3, 2018

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Caffe Bene's latest seasonal menu: the Ultra Violet Menu!

If you guys keep up with my blog and my Instagram, you'll know that I'm a bingsu fanatic! Caffe Bene is one of my fave bingsu places (if not my ultimate fave haha), and I just can't get enough of their creations.

Caffe Bene Malaysia actually has seasonal menus on top of their normal menus, which means every three months, Caffe Bene will introduce special new menus that usually include bingsus, pastries and drinks.

I've reviewed the past three menus here on my blog, so If you're interested in reading more about them, click on the links below:

Anyhoo, The Butterfly Project recently held a party in conjunction with Caffe Bene to introduce the launch of their first seasonal menu for 2018: the Ultra Violet Menu!

Ultraviolet is 2018's Pantone color of the year:

So of course, the theme of the party had to be Ultraviolet! Everyone came in different shades of purple, and I have to say everybody looked great! I searched high and low for something purple to wear, and finally settled on a purple H&M sweater. (The annoying this is that it was so hard to find something purple I could wear, and after the event, it seemed like every clothing store suddenly had tons of purple clothes! šŸ˜…)

The event started off with Mamashan Tammy (the founder of The Butterfly Project) giving a brief welcome together with Sydney (@somethinkblack), the emcee of the day.

They were followed by Miriam from Caffe Bene, and she introduced the menu to us, talked about Caffe Bene's seasonal menus and how to eat a binsgu the "Bene Way".

I'll mention more about what I learned from her in the post below, so without further ado, let's start with the foodporn!

Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Bingsu
ģžģƒ‰ ź³ źµ¬ė§ˆ ė¹™ģˆ˜

This ultra instagrammable bingsu contains shaved ice, purple sweet potato milk base, crunchy granola, bouncy agar jelly Caffe Bene's seasonal Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Gelato. There's also a generous portion of Purple Sweet Potato paste!

According to Miriam, a lot of customers complain that when they get to the bottom of their bowl, all they have is ice. Miriam explained that that's because there's actually a "Bene" way to eat Caffe Bene's bingsus. You first take a picture (for Instagram of course haha), push the gelato in and mix the bingsu thoroughly! Don't eat it layer by layer, or else you'll be left with only flavoured (melted) ice lol.

Among the other 3 seasonal bingsus that I've tried, I think this goes straight to number 1! The flavour is really sweet + the granola & agar jelly really compliment it. Miriam explained to us that while creating the bingsu, she felt that something chewy was missing, which is why they decided to add it. The overall combination of the chewy/crunchy textures + the sweet flavours combined made for a really satisfying dessert!

Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Cream Waffle 
ģžģƒ‰ ź³ źµ¬ė§ˆ ģ™€ķ”Œ

This pastry is actually Caffe Bene's signature Belgium waffle topped with Vibrant purple sweet potato paste, crunchy granola and their seasonal purple sweet potato gelato. You can choose to have the waffle either walnut or plain, and it's topped off with some purple sweet potato powder.

Out of the 4 items in the Ultra Violet menu, this is the standout item! I think my table ate a total of 3 waffles collectively because it was just so good! We had the walnut variant and I think what really sold it to us was the crunchy texture of both the nuts + the waffle combines with the sweet potato paste. If you're looking for dessert and only want to try one item from this menu, definitely try this one out!

Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Frappeno
ģžģƒ‰ ź³ źµ¬ė§ˆ ķ”„ė¼ķŽ˜ė…ø

Since Malaysia's weather is ultra hot, Caffe Bene's seasonal menus always inlcudes a frappeno or a smoothie. The Ultraviolet Sweet Potato Frappeno is perfect for hot summer days (which is everyday lol) and contains ice blended purple sweet potato fraeppno, topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of purple sweet potato powder.

Its not ultra sweet, but just right. After the gastronomical shock of how good the bingsu and waffle was, I found this only alright in comparison. Don't get me wrong, it's still a nice drink for a hot day, but I just think that my heart was already stolen by the waffle by the time I took a sip haha.

Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Latte Hot/Cold 
ģžģƒ‰ ź³ źµ¬ė§ˆ ė¼ė–¼

Last but not least is this latte, which is available in either hot or cold. It's a creamy sweet potato latte and I got to try out the hot one. I think this would be a great drink on hot days or for someone who's spending a long time in Caffe Bene (studying, working, hanging out, etc.). Caffe Bene's cafes are all great because they have wifi and lots of access points. Their Mid Valley outlet in particular was designed with customers who want to stay and work in mind, so they have the most number of plug points there. You can check out my Choco Cheese review for more info on that!

All the butterflies (myself included) had a great time catching up with each other and trying out the menu. I was actually the photographer for the event as well, so if you're a butterfly who attended the event, click here to download HD photos from that day!

A big shoutout to The Butterfly Project & Caffe Bene for the invite! I'd also like to give MAISON de gigi, JUICY Fresh Juice Bar & Caffe Bene Premix Coffee who were the sponsors of the event a big shoutout. For info about the menu + Caffe Bene in general, you can head over to Caffe Bene Malaysia's Instagram page by clicking here!

Aaaaaand that's it for this post! Thank you guys so much for dropping by, I hope y'all found this post helpful and informative. See y'all in the next one!


  1. Your photo make me drooling.. Yumm. Yummm

    1. Looking back at the bingsu and waffle pics makes me drool too! XD

  2. Awwww amazing blogpost again from you! Thanks for all the support xoxo

    1. Thank you Miriam! <3 And thanks again for having me!


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