PURITO Pure Vitamin C Serum Review

March 24, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! In this post I'll be sharing about PURITO's Pure Vitamin C Serum.

This post is actually a part of a series of reviews, and if you'd like to read all of my Purito reviews, click here!

Purito stands for Purify +  (tu/soil), and it means to find the pure and safe wonders of nature found in our soil. They understand that Korean cosmetics are all the rage, but instead of relying on hype, they want to focus on ingredients that will benefit the skin. They focus on natural ingredients as well as having only EWG Green Level ingredients in their products.

So in December last year, a website called eopenmarket.com got in touch with me and asked if I would be interested in giving an honest review of this product. Just a disclaimer, I was not paid to give a good review, and although the products were given to me via PR, my thoughts on them will still be my honest ones as usual.

Without further ado, let's get on with the review!

This product is a vitamin C serum which contains 99% natural ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen & red ginseng that area all approved by the KFDA. I love vitamin C, and I think it's one of the best ingredients someone with a lot of acne scars can use to really fade scars + brighten up the skin. I've tried my fair share of vitamin C serums, so I had high expectations when I first saw this product.

The main efficacies it promises is:

  1. Light & refreshing
  2. Wrinkle care
  3. Increase vibrancy & diminishes sun spots
  4. Reduce dark circles & Brightens complexion
  5. Firms & smoothens skin
  6. Fades acne scars

A 60ml bottle normally costs KRW18,000/USD17, but on eopenmarket.com it retails for only $12.68/RM49. I think the price is quite worth it for the amount of product you're getting. It's definitely cheaper than my fave Klairs Freshly Juice Vitamin Drop serum which costs RM99 on Hermo.my.

Purito has quite a few serum variants, but all of them are packaged simiarly in a plastic pump bottle. I don't have any problems with it, but I do advise you guys to be careful when pumping out products as the pumps sometimes tend to be quite strong (all three Purito serums I have do this haha)

So as I mentioned, all of the ingredients in this product have an EWG green level rating except for one (that excpetion is Sodium Polyacrylate which has a rating of 3/moderate)

As I mentioned, this product would be great for someone with lots of acne scars or someone who wants to brighten their skin because of the Vitamin C/Ascorbic acid. People with dry skin will enjoy this too because it contains 84% Sodium Hyaluronate which is a very powerful moisturizer.

I made a video showing how I use these Purito products for my morning and night skincare routine, and you can watch it here:

As you can see, the serum is already brown. That's a common feature among most vitamin C serums, which is why its suggested to put them in a fridge to keep it fresh. My Klairs Freshly Juiced Serum is not exposed to sunlight, but it is exposed to warmth. My room is kinda warm and I don't have a fridge, but after 5 months, it's only slightly yellow and not brown.

However, when I received this Purito Vitamin C serum, it was already light brown. I was kinda disappointed, because from their website, I could see that the product is originally light in colour. That could only be because of either the product or eopenmarket.com's storage. Maybe they put it in a warehouse or something with uncontrolled temprerature, but bottom line is: I received an already brown vitamin C serum from them.

Also, the packaging for this product was just recently renewed (like, a month ago I think). So since I received this product in December, its possible I got one of the last batches before the renewal and was unlucky to get old stock. The packaging says it expires in 2020, and I didn't want to waste it so I still used it. I only apply it at night, and I always make sure to apply sunblock  the morning after (even after washing my face) just as an extra measure.

That being said, I love this serum! I'm not sure if it can still be used after it has turned brown (because for Klairs' case they mentioned that theirs is still safe for use), but after a few months of using it I didn't see any breakouts of adverse side effects because of it.

After using it for a while now, here's what I think on each of the product's claims:

  1. Light & refreshing
    Mama, this serum was not light, nor was it refreshing at all lol. The texture was very similar to my old OST Vitamin C serum after it had turned brown, which was sticky and left a slight brown/orange film. It was thick and I don't really like the texture. It may have been light & refreshing, but in the state that I got it, no ma'am.
  2. Wrinkle care
    I think even though it's very sticky, it very plumping and moisturizing.
  3. Fades acne scars & diminishes sun spotsYESSSSS I cannot explain how good this is at fading dark spots & acne scars! I'm kinda glad that I followed through with using it because I definitely saw a lot of scars faded. 
  4. Reduce dark circles & Brightens complexion
    After washing it off + removing the brown film (lol), I found that it does help to brighten the skin and make it fairer.
  5. Firms & smoothens skin
    After using this, I do feel like my skin feels softer ad smoother, almost like a baby's butt haha.

To be honest, I'm on the fence. The effects really are obvious and it's half the price compared to Klairs one (which is my fave!). However, I really do not like the thick, sticky texture of the already browned serum, and I prefer the ligtness of Klairs'. Will I repurchase this? Only if I'm sure that the product arrives to me fresh.

And that was it for this review! As I mentioned, I reviewed a lot of Purito products recently, and you can check the others out by clicking here. Remember to like the video I made as well & subscribe to my channel for more demos & skincare routine videos!

I hope you found this post helpful & informative. See y'all in the next post!

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