PURITO Fermented Complex 94 Boosting Essence Review

March 21, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! In this post I'll be sharing about PURITO's Fermented Complex 94 Boosting Essence.

This post is actually a part of a series of reviews, and if you'd like to read all of my Purito reviews, click here!

Purito stands for Purify +  (tu/soil), and it means to find the pure and safe wonders of nature found in our soil. They understand that Korean cosmetics are all the rage, but instead of relying on hype, they want to focus on ingredients that will benefit the skin. They focus on natural ingredients as well as having only EWG Green Level ingredients in their products.

So in December last year, a website called eopenmarket.com got in touch with me and asked if I would be interested in giving an honest review of this essence. Just a disclaimer, I was not paid to give a good review, and although the products were given to me via PR, my thoughts on them will still be my honest ones as usual.

Without further ado, let's get on with the review!

This product is a boosting essence with fine particles that promises to deliver effective elements deep into the skin. It made of 94% Fermented Complex and 3% Niacinamide, and all the ingredients in it are EWG green level. The main efficacies that it claims to be able to do is:

  1. Deliver moisture
  2. Improve the condition of stressed skin
  3. Make skin clear and elastic (aka brighten the skin)
  4. Raise absorption and effectiveness of skincare steps after it
  5. Make rough and dry skin healthy again
  6. Help with anti-aging

The full sized 150ml bottle costs KRW24000 or USD22, but on eopenmarket.com it costs only $14.23/RM55. The price range is pretty reasonable compared to other essences in the market with the same amount of product, and for the attractive price alone I would be very tempted to repurchase this again hahaha.

The bottle comes in a brown box and the product itself comes in a brown plastic bottle. I personally thought the packaging looked kinda similar to Benton's packaging hahaha. I was taking pictures one day and my bro asked me if these Purito products were expensive, because they looked quite luxurious. I guess the frosted plastic reminded him of Whamisa's glass bottle haha. Bottom line: I like the packaging!

So as I mentioned, all of the ingredients in this product have an EWG green level rating:

According to my Skincarisma analysis, this product would be really great for people with dry skin because of the powerfully moisturizing Butene Glycol & Sodium Hyaluronate. Its also great for people with sensitive & oily skin like me because it contains skin soothing & protecting ingredients like Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract & Allantoin.

Above I mentioned that this product contains 94% fermented complex + 3% Niacinamide. Fermentation is the process of breaking down big ingredients and making them smaller. The complex contains lots of different extracts, and some well known ones are Bifida extracts (improves tightening + moisturization) & Lactobacillus (also known as rice ferment, and brightens skin).

I made a video showing how I use these Purito products for my morning and night skincare routine, and you can watch it here:

This essence isn't as watery and thin as other fermented essences I've tried (like Missha's FTE), not is it as thick (The Face Shop's Therapy FS). I find that the texture is just right, and that it really does absorb quickly into the skin.

I usually pat in 3-4 drops of this onto my face, making sure the product is fully absorbed before I move onto my next product. It's not sticky and it's not heavy too, but it does leave the thinnest film on my face, even after it has fully absorbed. It's not too shiny and only looks like a natural glow (which is why I love using this in the morning).

After using it for a while now, here's what I think on each of the product's claims:

  1. Deliver moisture
    This product definitely moisturizes. 3 drops really goes a long way, and most times when I'm lazy in the morning, I would be so tempted to only apply this lol. It's really moisturizing and definitely one of those types of products that I just reach out for when I do my skincare. I like to stay moisturized and I don't want to use 5 different products just to feel that lol.
  2. Improve the condition of stressed skin
    There were a few times when I had random breakouts (not because of this product, but because of my diet). My pimple areas tend to be a bit red, and I tried using this on a red area twice, and for both times my skin calmed down. So far I think its great at calming down the skin and reducing my redness.
  3. Make skin clear and elastic (aka brighten the skin)
    Yesssss my skin feels kinda "chewy" after applying this essence, if you know what I mean. My skin is just super bouncy and plump after using this! I didn't see any dramattic skin tone changes after using this, but I do feel like my skin looks clear and bright, just not fairer.
  4. Raise absorption and effectiveness of skincare steps after it
    Yes, my products definitely absorb better after letting this sink into my skin, and although I showed in my video above that I use it in the morning, I actually use it at night as well! Essences are supposed to help boost what comes after them, and I think this one does a very good job.
  5. Make rough and dry skin healthy again
    After application, this product does help to soften the skin. I don't have super dry skin, but I can feel the softness after this product fully absrobs.
  6. Help with anti-aging
    I can't really comment on this as I don't have any deep wrinkles yet, but I'm using it all over my face (including my neck) as a preventive measure. So far I think it's doing a great job cause I don't see any wrinkles forming on my smile lines or anything hahaha.

Definitely! This product is not only affordable, its works pretty well too. Before this I was using my Missha FTE, and I'm not sure if it's because I've used a few bottle sof it already, but the Missha one was starting to feel a bit "meh" for me. After switching to this Purito essence, I could see & feel the difference.

Among all of the Purito products I tried, this would prob be my #1 fave, and I'm definitely getting another bottle after I finish it.

And that was it for this review! As I mentioned, I reviewed a lot of Purito products recently, and you can check the others out by clicking here. Remember to like the video I made as well & subscribe to my channel for more demos & skincare routine videos!

I hope you found this post helpful & informative. See y'all in the next post!

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