ABC Cooking Studio Nikujaga Trial Class Review, Pavilion Elite Studio

March 3, 2018

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about me and my team's team bonding session at ABC Cooking Studio in Pavilion Elite Studio!

ABC Cooking Studio is a place where people come to learn to cook and bake. Unlike other cooking schools, ABC Cooking Studio offers a more casual and friendly environment where people can have fun while learning how to cook delicious and sophisticated food.

The classes are done in small groups, ensuring you maximum support from the teachers. Lessons are held multiple times a day and you can easily reserve the classes through call or online. You can also register for classes based on the menu and/or teacher of your liking! ABC also creates original recipe sheets that are very easy to understand and can be used for extra support.

With over 127 studios open in Japan and 37 studios open worldwide, my team from work and I decided to try out one of their trial classes in their Pavilion Elite branch.

ABC has 3 highly popular regular trial lesson menus that you can choose from. Occasionally, they offer a seasonal trial lesson menu (for a limited period only) on top of our regular menus. For my team, my boss actually booked the session so I'm not sure if it was a regular class or a normal class.

The trial lesson costs RM 95 per pax for first timers, and they cost RM70 per pax when you make your reservation online. ABC conducts trial lessons every day, for a duration of 2 hours, starting from either one of these timeslots: 10:15am,12:45pm, 2pm, 4.30pm, 7:30pm and 8:00pm.

The Pavilion, Lot 7.102, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours:
Open daily - 10am to 10pm

03-2110 4858

We got to the shop and was welcomed warmly by the staff.

We were led to the locker rooms to store our items:

And later asked to put on aprons:

The studio itself looked very professional and clean. It seemed like I was in a minimalist/Japanese version of Masterchef lol

For our session, we split into two groups, and each group had a teacher:

My group consisted of me, Bo and Anis!

Our menu for the day was Nikujaga. Nikujaga is a Japanese dish of meat, potatoes and onion stewed in sweetened soy sauce.

When we got there, our instructors handed us the recipe sheet + handed us the ingredients:

She then proceeded to guide us step by step:

Anis and Bo are frequent cooks but I'm not, so it was a nice experience for me. I felt so fancy because the only thing I can cook us instant noodles haha

In the end, I ended up doing the least (aka the manual stuff like cutting) and letting both Bo and Anis handle the actual cooking so that the taste won't be bad haha

While waiting for our food to be cooked, I noticed that there were other students baking as well:

After a while, our raw ingredients had fully transformed into an edible dish:

After some final touches and making miso soup, we were done:

After plating out food, we were led to the dining area:

Here, we had our late lunch:

Tadah, here's our creation!

Overall I think it was a nice group activity. It was a fun team bonding experience and I recommend it if you're looking for activities to go with you team.

Personally I would not sign up for the classes because I don't cook at all + don't have access to a kitchen. If you're someone who's looking to learn how to cook/bake, I would recommend them! The environment is nice + the place's vibe is really nice.

And that's it for this post!

Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya in my next post ^^

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