The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Party + Haul

May 22, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today's post will be all about The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Party which was held at Hello Deer in Damansara Utama!

Yup, you're not seeing double! This is actually The Butterfly Project's 2nd 4th Bday party, the first one being in collaboration with Jerlynn. This 2nd one was co-sponsored by many brands, and before we even start I'd just like to thank Tammy (the founder of The Butterfly Project) for working tirelessly to make this party a reality!

It was also held in Hello Deer, but while the previous party's theme was yellow and flowers, this party's theme was pastel colours.

I was part of the volunteer team again, and we all worked together to decorate the place as well as to put all the goodies in the bags. I actually came a bit late because I forgot to bring my camera (and I was the photographer lol), but I was glad that I still managed to help out. If you were at the party, the link to the HQ pictures are at the bottom of this post :)

The decorations and invitations were made by Tammy's friend, and it actually matched with the pastel aesthetic of Hello Deer + Wundermilk's cake!

Here's Tammy with the birthday cake:

And here's Leonard (MC) + Sydney (Unboxing guide): 

And here's Mira, who was in charge of registration! Anis and Bo were the B.R.Os (Blogger Relations Officer) of the day:

The party started at 3, and the bloggers + YouTubers started coming in one by one:

As with any occasion, everyone started mingling, catching up and taking pictures! Since the Butterfly project is kind of a close community, almost everyone was friends and familiar with each other.

Everyone came dressed for the occasion and blended well with the aesthetics of the space!

Since I was busy taking pics, I didn't manage to get a lot of selfies with everyone T.T Here's one that I managed to take with Bo + Nicole (OMG Nicole's rainbow makeup was on fleek!)

And one with Ridley, who's always ridiculously matte and perfect looking:

 There was an almost empty chalkboard on the wall, and everyone was asked to write a small birthday message for the community:

I actually wasn't sure how it would turn out, but at the end of the party it looked super full of love!

There was also a photobooth set up courtesy of G&G Studio Booth:

as well as some props to use:

The pictures came out pretty good + the photo booth provided email support, so you get a digital copy of the pictures as well!

(P.S the paste curtain was perfect for taking selfies too!)

First order of business was to introduce ourselves to one another, as there were new and old butterflies in the party. I knew most of the people there but since I was fairly new (I only joined last year), it was nice to formally know everyone's names.

I managed to get nice pics of almost everyone during the introduction, so don't forget to check them out by going to the Google drive album at the bottom of this post!

Next was a short speech by our emcee Leonard, and it was actually kinda touching. He talked mostly about how the Butterfly Project helped him and how Tammy and her worked has helped small bloggers become what we are today.

After joining the Butterfly Project and meeting Tammy, I definitely feel blessed. I've gone to events and I've gained projects that I never would have gotten if not for her and her community. It's not just the fact that I got these gigs that I'm thankful, but rather the fact that I have a community of people who have the same interest as me.

For example, since joining I've met Dash (aka DaintyDashBeauty). We chat almost everyday about makeup, and whenever there's new product launches, new shades, new videos, we would always chat about them. I'm really glad to have met a friend who's so into beauty, and that wouldn't have happened if not for Tammy and the Butterfly Project.

Anyhoo, after Leonard's speech, it was time to unbox the goodies! Like the previous party, everyone was encouraged to do live social sharings of their unboxing (like Instastories, Insta Live, FB live, etc.)

The unboxing was led by the fab Sydney, who guided everyone on each of the products included in the goodie bag.

Everyone was super happy with the products, but the one product that literally got people screaming (yes, people were screaming) was the liquid lipsticks from Orkid Cosmetics!


Overall everyone was super happy with the products, and you could just feel the happiness radiating off of everyone.

After that we took a group photo, followed by lunch!

There was lots of finger food, mains and desserts to choose from, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we were all well fed that day (had to suck in my stomach during pics haha)

After lunch, there were still some prizes to be given away for some contests Tammy conducted. The first sponsor was Nyx:

And the second was The Body Shop!

I was sweating so hard at the end of the party! I worked hard to take nice pictures of everyone, and I hope all the butterflies at the party like the shots I took :D

I've uploaded the shots on FB, but if you'd like to download them in HQ, click here to be redirected to my Google Drive album! Do credit me if you use them in your blog post, and comment your feedback on my photo skills below!

The volunteers stayed back to pack, and we managed to get this nice pic of us by the chalkboard (we're missing Syd cuz unfortunately she had to go back early)

Although it was slightly tiring, I had a blast!

Now that the coverage of the party's over, let's go through the humongous goodie bag that I got:

Butterflies were giving a face/eye makeup brushes at random, and being a volunteer I managed to choose beforehand hohoho. Unicorns have been trending everywhere, and this one from Wanderlusts only cost RM89! Definitely a good deal! I'll post my thoughts on these brushes after using them for a while, so stay tuned!

DO U SEE THE MAJESTY OF THIS PALETTE?! I actually bought Colorpop's Nectar collection especially to wear on that day, but it unexpectedly came out too pink rather than peach/orange. This palette is more to my usual colour scheme (browns) plus there's those awesome orange-y peachy shades!

As I mentioned, the number 1 product that people had the loudest reaction to that day were these lipsticks from Orkid Cosmetics! There were 4 shades (Turnt, Vibes, Blush & Mars) and out of all 4, Turnt is my fave (I wore it to the party as well!)

The founder was so generous, giving each butterfly 4 shades, a coupon, stickers to decorate the lipstick with + a handwritten card! I cannot, she must have been sent from beauty heaven T.T

Photobook Malaysia sponsored a photoalbum (I've printed an album before and it was hella good quality) + G&G Studiobooth provided photobooth services that day.

Hadabisei - Moisturizing Face Mask Extra Rich

The volunteers were also lucky enough to get some Nyx goodies! I love love love the Lip Lustre! I thought it was gonna be a full full red, but it turned out to be more of a pigmented lip tint! It is buildable but I just love the natural look of it!

And that was it for this super long post! If you were at the party, remember to check out the pics I took of you here.

Thanks for reading, see y'all in the next post!


  1. You're really a pro photographer! All pics are very nice!!!!! ��

    1. Thanks Nicole! 😁 I loved your rainbow makeup!

  2. The pics are all amazing!!! Thank you Eros! <3

  3. Thank you Bee Lee! See you in the next event! <3

  4. Woahhh! All the picture are professionally beautiful! I really like all your photo. i think I need to take a class with youuu.. can ahh? Heee..

    1. Thanks Syafiqah! Ayy, it's because the people I was taking pictures of look so good! Haha sure, maybe we can meetup sometime to share tips! ^^

  5. How great 4th birthday bash post and the haul is also enjoyable! I also enjoy hosting parties but nowadays was just lacking some ideas for the for a unicorn themed bash for my daughter’s birthday. Will be hosting this party at one of the indoor home studios NYC so was just wondering if you could help me regarding it.


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