The Butterfly Project × Jerlynn'L 4th Birthday Party

May 1, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today's post is extra special, because it's all about The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Party in collaboration with Jerlynn'L!

The party was held in the quaint but pretty Hello Deer party space, which was bright, pastel and honestly very Instagram worthy.

Very RPDR S8 trailer minus the salon chairs right? ðŸ˜‚ Chin Yee and her lovely staff from Jerlynn'L were setting up when we arrived, so we just helped out by arranging the gift boxes and doing some final touches.

The party was sponsored by the brand Jerlynn'L, which is actually a local brand which provides a wide range of personal care and fun learning products catered for all ages especially for kids aged 4-16.

Here's some of their best selling products on display:

As well as the super pretty cake from Wondermilk (which was located below Hello Deer, btw!).

Aside from the cake there were light snacks and lunch provided as well:

The Althea Pixies (aka Bo, Mira, Anis and I) + the fabulous Mermaid (aka Syd) were the volunteers for this partay, and I was assigned the task of being the photographer.

We managed to snap some nice OOTD shots before the crowd came in ðŸ˜ The theme was yellow and flower crowns, and almost everyone came dressed the part!

There was also a runway in between the tables which was homg so leg-lengthening and perfect for like a million more OOTD shots.

The doors opened at 3pm and the very first Butterfly to step in was none other than Dash! (Aka DaintyDashBeauty!)

Her makeup was so on point (as usual) and I quite liked the stones on her lower lash line (maybe I should play with gem stones too? Hmm...). Here's a pic of the fabulous Makeup Hoes Trio:

Sydney, Dash and I

 If you're wondering what the Butterfly Project is, its actually a non-profit group made for bloggers founded by Tammy Lim (who also happens to be my boss ðŸ˜). There's lots of events, projects and stuff that are arranged by Tammy every month, and it's great because it gives bloggers more content two write about, as well as a community to share.

Our fabulous Mamasan!

There's actually gonna be two parties, the second one falling on May 20th. I'll be writing more about my short (but eventful) experience with TBP so far, as well as my thoughts on the blog post for that party, so do stay tuned!

Anyways, this party started off with a quick speech from Tammy:

Followed by a group photo session:

I guess the disadvantage of being a photographer is that I don't get to be inside most pictures ðŸ˜‚ I got to be inside the group selfie though:

After that was an explanation of the brand Jerlynn'L by their representative Chin Yee:

Followed by a live social unboxing of the surprise gift from Jerlynn'L! Butterflies were encouraged to do a live unboxing of the gifts in front of them on any social media they liked (Instastory, Facebook Live, etc.)

Here's Leonard (aka Deelicious and the party's MC showing off the contents of the box)

Here's Dash showing her products off on her Instastory!

It was a really fun experience, and although I was busy taking pictures of everybody and unboxed mine later, everybody seemed to have fun filming and documenting their party box unboxing.

I love this shot of Sylvia, she looks so happy!

After the live unboxing was lunch,

Followed by the announcement of the 10 best dressed butterflies!

Although everybody was pretty spot on, two people stole the show that day, and it was Rawlins and Grace!

The amount of extra was just so much that it was so good! Grace literally had the spotlight on her and her gorgeous Belle-inspired gown the moment she stepped in, and we thought no one could steal her thunder, then rolled in Maleficent with his staff and horns and everything!

Overall it was a nice afternoon spent with some blogger friends (both old and new). I'm still fairly new to the Butterfly Project myself, so being part of it and really experiencing the beauty community was both memorable and heart warming (because things are just so much better when you have people like you!).

There was a slight technical difficulty by the end of the party, and the lights went off. That did't really stop everyone from flocking to the windows and taking a ton of selfies! It was bit hot and I was getting quite oily, but as you can see from the selfie below:

Top row: Me with Emily, Sinnee and Puisan, Me with Grace and Rawlins, Me with Tehmina
Middle row: Me with Anis & Emily, Me with Anis, Me with Bee Lee Chua
Bottom row: Me with Shafiqah, Me with Sylvia, Me with Sylvia, Sydney and Dash + Leonard lol

I was still  B E A T ! My foundation paired with my phone's front camera made me look so flawless I cannot ðŸ˜

Luckily before the party started I managed to get some polaroid shots for my polaroid album:

As well as some shots from the party! (The flashback on my face...I don't know why but even though my foundation is darker than my neck now it still comes out white when I take pictures with flash)

I'd like to say a very very big thank you to Tammy for being a fabulous mamasan, as well as to Jerlynn for the many goodies:

There was also one hair product but I didn't notice that I didn't take a picture of it while I was photoshooting, so do forgive me ðŸ˜­ In total I got 6 products plus 1 air freshener that smells so damn good (but its not in the picture too).

If you were there at the party and would like to download the images of you in HD, click here to be redirected to my Drive! It would be nice if you could credit the photos back to me by adding my name and linking it to ðŸ’•

And that was it for this post! As always, thanks for reading and I'll see you guys in the next one 💕


  1. look fun! hope can join next time!!!

    1. It was super fun! Hopefully we can meet at the next event! 😊

  2. Lovely pictures Eros! Also, love your site :) See you soon!

    1. Hi Reia, it was so awesome meeting you too! See ya soon! 😊


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