Happy Lil' Pill 💊 Althea Korea Vitamin Box Review

May 31, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today's post will be all about Althea Korea's Vitamin Box, a box full of vitamin themed products + products with lots of good vitamins for the skin!

Vitamins are essential to our health, and I feel like I'm actually quite hypocritical by saying that haha. I love applying products with vitamins in it (especially Vitamin C), but I hate taking physical vitamins. If you guys haven't already noticed, I have yellow-ish eyes and that's actually because of my jaundice.

It can easily be hidden with continuous intake of folic acid pills but I just find it so tiresome to eat a pill every day or run out to get a new bottle once its finished. I should really change that, sigh.

Anyhoo, Althea did a vitamin themed box a few months back and I just couldn't help myself! I have an affinity for these kinds of products (especially Vitamin C) because I personally used Vitamin C serums before to great effect. I also love applying lemon, lime, strawberry, blackberry or any berry theme products and sheet masks onto my face because as someone with acne skin, I feel like they really clear up my skin!

The vitamin box has 7 full sized products: 1 body care and 6 skincare, and without further ado, here's my review of those products!

P.S Since most of these have Vitamin C I use them mostly at night (or indoors away from sunlight).

The Saem
Max Perfection Multi Cleanser

Vitamins included:  ðŸ’Š B & 💊 D

This product is a multi-functional product because it works as a cleanser and as a makeup remover as well. It has a slight scent which isn't as nice as Neutrogena's gel to foam cleaner, but it smells nice as well.

It has a clear gel texture, but once it comes to contact with water and you rub it some more, it will foam up.

I've been loving gel to foam cleansers ever since I got one from Neutrogena, and this one does not disappoint too. When I used this alone on my face as a cleanser, I felt like it did a good job without stripping my face of any oil or moisture.

 It also manages to remove makeup pretty well (even transfer proof eyeliners!), but I would still double cleanse with micellar water to have a thoroughly clean face with no trace of makeup left.

If I were to compare it to my other gel to foam from Neutrogena, I would say they're pretty much the same, just that the smell for this one isn't as fruity. Function wise though, I think it's just as great!

Holika Holika
3" Seconds Starter (Vita Complex)

Vitamins included: ðŸ’Š C

As first I didn't really know what this product was for but after some research and asking around, I found that it's a product that's supposed to boost and kick-start your skin, making your other skincare products absorb better.

I don't feel like it does that, but I do feel like its a great light moisturizer. It has a thick watery consistency, not yet gel-ly but almost serum-y. 

It absorbs fairly quickly into the skin and leaves it slightly sticky (which I don't really mind). You can pat it in or rub it in circular motions until absorbed.

If you're just going to be in the house doing chores or if you want to add some extra moisture to your face, I'd recommend layering this on after toner and before moisturizer like a serum.

a;t Fox
Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water C

Vitamins included: ðŸ’Š C

This mist is pretty refreshing and it sprays on quite nice too. It does have the slightest scent to it (which I love), and this can be used when you feel like you need instant hydration throughout the day. 

You can also incorporate this into your makeup routine! Instead of dampening your sponge with tap water, use this mist instead; It'll add some skincare benefits to your foundation! You can also spray this on throughout the day on top of your makeup to kind of "revive" it.

Vita Lemon Calming Cream

Vitamins included: 💊 A 💊 B 💊 C 💊 P

After cleansing and toning, moisturizing is a must. This product is a skin calming cream rich in lots of different vitamins like Vitamin C and lemon extract (which are two of my fave ingredients!)

It's supposed to recharge skin + control moisture and oil balance. It has a gel texture and has a light citrusy scent.

It absorbs quite nicely into the skin and doesn't feel heavy or sticky at all.

Going into this product, I expected it to give whitening and brightening effects to my skin. It did slighty brighten my skin, but more than that I feel like this product made my skin look overall healthier and nicer. I used to be super cray cray with wanting to get whiter skin, but nowadays I find that I'm quite content with my skin colour. I'm more concerned with improving my skin's texture and fading my scars, which is I feel like this moisturized does a good job of doing

It also has a slight soothing effect but I woudn't recommend applying this topically on any open break outs because of the vitamin C.

Oil Blossom Lip Mask (Sea Buckthorn Oil)

Vitamins included: ðŸ’Š E

This product is a leave on cream lip sleeping mask. It contains Sea Buckthorn Oil, which is an ingredient with high Vitamin E content that helps to deeply penetrate the skin's layers, holding hydration and softening the tissue of the skin.

Although it comes it a super small jar, you actually only need a bit of product! The amount in the pic below was twice the amount that I needed to cover both lips, so you only really need a tiny tiny amount.

(There's a spatula provided as well)

I recommend using a lip scrub before leaving this on before sleep. If you apply it onto your lips without exfoliating, your lips won't be as smooth and as soft.

Let Me Skin
Ultra H2O Modelling Pack Green

Vitamins included: ðŸ’Š D 💊 K

This is actually a DIY mask which comes in two parts! Inside the plastic pill you get 4 sachets, and one spatula.

Step one is a bluish gel, while step 2 is a milk:

You have to mix step 1 and step 2 to create a jelly mask that you have to leave on and peel off once it solidifies.

Not gonna lie, the mask wasn't the smoothest mask to apply. It kind of coagulated and made it hard to create an even uniform coating.

You can easily cover your face with half of the produced jelly, but to be able to peel it off later, its recommended you use everything.

Here's what I look like with everything in my face!

I know it looks funky haha. Maybe because I was taking pictures while I was applying the mask, but I really found it so coagulated and hard to spread. After around 30 minutes, the thin parts of the mask had already dried out, but the thick ones couldn't. 10 more minutes later, they ended up dropping off their own accord. Needless to say, it was a mess.

However, it was actually quite hydrating and it left a very thin layer of essence on my face (which I left on for longer and later wiped away). It really did moisturize my face, but comparing it with all the other products in this box, it's probably my least fave haha.

Gwa Il Na Ra
Banana Body Cleanser

Vitamins included: ðŸ’Š B 💊 Banana Extract 💊 Royal Jelly

Last but not least is this banana body cleanser! This is super super famous, and rightly so! It smells exactly like how banana milk smells like (which fouond out through SNSD and have loved ever since).

It has a creamy texture and it foams up once lathered.

The smell really engulfs the room when you use it!

The smell also lingers  event after using it and rying your skin. There's not really much to say about this product other than it rocks and it smells so good!

Overall I think I'd rate this box 4 stars out of 5! The combined original prices of all the products amounts to RM539, but Althea only sold it for RM121! Definitely a good deal like all their other boxes!

As I mentioned, I came into this box thinking I would get whiter skin, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got healthier skin instead. The vitamins in the products (especially the cream) helped me get a brighter, healthier complexion thanks to all the vitamins packed inside of them.

And that was it for this post! If you guys would like to check out Althea's other boxes, click here! Also, my current W.Lab giveaway is still going on, so don't forget to check that out!

As always, thank you guys so much for reading 💕 See y'all in the next post!


  1. Hey Fishmeatdie!

    I think you left aside the Vitamin Pill mask too long and that's why it coagulated before you managed to apply everything onto your face. I tried it before and I got a mess like you did haha >< The jelly just couldn't cling on my face nicely and it kept falling off. The second time I use the mask, I did all the steps quickly and I managed to create a smooth jelly layer on my skin, you won't see any lumps or clotted pieces, it is just smooth surface. Try to speed up the mixing steps next time! :D

    1. Hi Princess, thanks for commenting! I thought so too! I think I was too concentrated on taking pictures because it literally started dropping after a while haha. I'll try and use the other one faster next time, thanks for the tip! :D

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