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May 18, 2017

I'm always on Instagram prowling for chic menswear style trends, so for today's post I thought I'd share some of my fave male fashion Instagrammers! 

There's so many male fashion instagrammers our there (and even more female ones), but these are some of the ones I follow and religiously spam with likes! I would describe my own style as "basic af" and "idgaf but I wanna look cute" 😂 I've always wanted to dress well but because of makeup and other expenses, I'm leaving fashion for later and settling on feasting my eyes on others' fashion escapades instead.

1. Orsqr ðŸ‡¸ðŸ‡¬  

Oscar (or at least I think his name is Oscar haha) has been one of my fave Instagrammers since I found out about him around 2 years ago.

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His fashion is very minimalist, and because he has a nice bod, almost everything looks good on him!

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I guess he's very minimalist and avant-garde at the same time because his pieces (mostly from Demo Fashion HK) are not the basic 3 piece suits or shirts that guys usually wear.

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It's also because of him that I found out about the brand Dynasti which friggin makes such nice earrings and chokers! I actually wanted to get my ears pierced because of these half moon earrings:

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The chokers are damn nice too, but they're quite above my pay grade 😭

2. Naopisgram ðŸ‡¯ðŸ‡µ

Naoki is a super popular Japanese instagrammer/model, who also works for a popular Japanese brand in Tokyo. I first found him on @tokyofashion's IG and I've been in love with his fashion ever since!

Naopis is actually my life goals, because his style is more casual and the closes to the clothes that I actually wear. I also love his obsession with blonde/pink hair + his aesthetics!

He has quite a big fanbase, and he was even featured on Vogue a few times (and not the Japanese version, like the legit legit Vogue)

It must be soo nice to be soo good looking 😭

3. Zing_a ðŸ‡¯ðŸ‡µ x ðŸ‡°ðŸ‡·

Ha Hanseul is a Korean but he's based in Tokyo (and also works for a popular Tokyo clothing shop).
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His style is what you'd expect Japanese fashion to be: over the top, experientive, sometime crazy and always quirky.

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One think you'll notice with his pics is that he's almost always kang kang with his legs open on the street/on some steps hahahaha

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4. Both + Newyear ðŸ‡¹ðŸ‡­ 

I actually like Newyear's style more, but I feel like it's blasphemous to mention one and not mention the other haha.

If you didn't already know, they're super good looking and popular couple from Thailand. Both's outfits are pretty pastel and casual too, and they look very similar to what I'd like to wear.

It's very fun, light and I think if I wore the same clothes it wouldn't feel and look the same, just because he looks too good to be true haha

He also started just his own bag line with some of his uni classmates:

5. Iamgalla ðŸ‡ºðŸ‡¸

I came across Adam Gallagher when Yutaki shouted out on his Instastory that he was a fan of his work. 

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His fashion doesn't really look like my usual style, but his preppy pictures are nice + plus he looks like the traveller/photographer type.

A post shared by Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla) on 

A post shared by Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla) on 

6. Lazue.Haitrieu ðŸ‡»ðŸ‡³

He's probably the least popular among everyone in this list in terms of followers on IG but I love love love his aesthetic!

He's a Vietnamese fashion lover who's style is very high class. His pictures are always on point, giving you face, bawdy and MUG 😍

His looks are pretty trendy and look like what I'd like to wear had I not spent my last hundred bucks on food/a new foundation/some random shit I don't need. He almost always features a Charles & Keith bag too, so I guess he's a big fan of theirs.

He also draws fashion illustrations, so definitely check his pictures out!

7. Alvinlvins ðŸ‡®ðŸ‡©

Alvin from Indonesia is my main reference point for when I go cafe hopping with my friends and I need inspo for new outfits.

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His outfits are pretty easy to copy and replicate, and I like how easy he makes outfits look either preppy or casual.

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But most of all I just spend most of my time following him admiring his hair haha #curlyhairgoals

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8. ivan_chang1007_ ðŸ‡¹ðŸ‡¼

I feel like Ivan is the standard person to follow on He almost always is on the main page, and he has a distinct denim, grungy style that everyone just can't get enough of.

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He's very consistent with his monochromatic feed, and all his outfits give a city bad boy vibe.

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Plus his tattoos are damn cool!

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9. Qmike ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡§ x ðŸ‡»ðŸ‡³

Last but not least, Quyen Mike is another dapper fashion Instagrammer who I feel is another OG in the lookbook game on Insta.

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Although his outfits are nice, what stands out with him the most is the way he edits his pics! They're all photohshopped but its so nicely done that you can't even tell that it is!

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A post shared by Quyen Mike (@qmike) on 

And that was it for this fanboy post! 😂 I hope to someday have enough creativity and money to construct my own OOTD shots hahaha.

As always, thank you guys so much for reading! See y'all in the next post 💕

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