A Silent Voice 聲の形 [Full Movie • Eng Sub]

May 30, 2017

If you guys remember, I caught on to the "Your Name" fever quite late and only watched it a few months back. I really loved it so I searched for more similar films, and that's when I came across the trailer for A Silent Voice.

I asked my friend Anis if she had watched it before, and she mentioned that it had only read the manga. A Silent Voice was has actually already been released last year (2016) in Japan, but due to its popularity, it was premiering worldwide soon. We kinda gushed over it and made plans to watch it. Sydney joined us as well, and all three of us went to the catch it when it arrived here in Malaysia!

Before I get to my thoughts and comments on the movie, please know that they're be spoilers down below haha. If you have't watched it yet, click here to watch the movie!

So, my thoughts. Coming into it, I expected it to be a tearjerker but it was actually more of an enjoyable, slice of life, psychological kind of experience for me. First, the girl protagonist is deaf (and has very limited speech skills), and that really made me think of how different life must be for the disabled and the impaired. Its very easy to forget how lucky we all are and how our normal lives are actually a blessing in disguise. Being a blogger I admit a lot of my concerns and daily thoughts are quite materialistic, like does my hair look good today, how many selfies do I take today, does my makeup look good today, etc. The girl protagonist Shoko Nisihmaya really made me think of how different I would be if I was in her position.

Another thing I never really thought of was suicide. I feel like its a running theme throughout the movie and it gave me a tiny inkling of what people who do think of ending their lives kinda feel or what they go through to think of even committing such an act.

The guy protagonist has to deal with the consequences and aftermath of people treating him like an outcast after he bullies the girl protagonist. Although we see him mostly as a good guy and repenting for his wrongdoing + constantly trying to make it up to her, I feel like his character was very relatable. You can fuck up sometime in life, and sometimes you just can't get over your yourself and keep on tormenting yourself inside your head.

Another character that I actually really related to was the girl who always tried to appear perfect (the blonde one, I can't remember her name haha). Although I'm a fairly friendly and optimistic person, I still worry that people would see me in a negative light so I usually always do or say something to seem like I can do no wrong to keep up the illusion of being perfect although I'm not.

None of this really makes sense because it's currently 2am and my eyes are dying haha. I just wanted to really recommend this movie to you guys. Aside from making you think about life, suicide, disabilities, etc, it was also heart warming, romantic and an overall good watch.

Again, if you'd like to watch the movie, click here!

As always, thanks for reading! I'll see ya guys in the next post 💕

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