W.Lab Last All Day Box (Review + Giveaway)

May 28, 2017

 Hi guys, welcome to my unboxing and review of Althea Korea's Last All Day set in collaboration with W.Lab!

I'll also be giving away another full set to one lucky winner! To know how you can win, read on!

So this set has 6 products featuring W.Lab's best sellers. They're supposed to be very long lasting (hence the name of the set) and last you throughout the whole day.

The first product is this Sebum Out Peel Off Pack which is supposed to reduce oil by removing the "oil sebum bumps" straight from your face.

Ever since I reviewed the Hell Pore Mask, I've been loving peel off masks. I feel like it makes makeup apply so much better once the gunk has been removed from my face.

Since I have super oily and acne prone skin, these types of mask tend to really help me out a lot. This mask in particular claims to give smoother, more even skin, tightened pores + better absorption of skincare products.

Unlike pack masks, I don't have to go wash it off with water which saves so much energy and keeps me from being lazy. Sometimes when you're tired and you wanna pamper yourself, you just don't wanna be bothered with too many steps.

This mask is pretty straight forward: just squeeze and apply.

The product is black in colour and it has a slightly plastick-y/rubber-y scent to it.

The consistency is kinda like liquid rubber, and after a few minutes of leaving it on it will start to suck your gunk out and harden.

It recommend leaving it on for 30 minutes, but I suggest leaving it on until it looks thin and fully dry like this:

Once you peel it off, you're supposed to see whiteheads and blackheads on the mask.

Similar to my Hell Pore Mask review, I didn't really have a lot of blackheads/whiteheads on the mask because I generally do not have a lot of those, but it did manage to remove my excess sebum! My skincare also absorbed quite nicely into my skin + my makeup applied much smoother than usual (less creasing and my concealers + foundation stuck on pretty well).

It does have a cooling scent too, and the plasticky smell kinda lingers for a bit on the face even after peeling it off (but it fades off once you use toner).

The second product is this Sebum Out Finish Powder. Like the pack, this product targets oily skin. Its supposed to minimize shine and absorb sebum that is produced throughout the day.

The powder is pretty fine and the scent isn't anything worth mentioning. I used it both by itself and on top of my makeup as a setting powder and it worked well for both cases!

You can use the puff on bare skin if you're going barefaced for the day to minimize shine. If you're using it on top of makeup, you can use a brush (like I did) to evenly set your makeup. You can also use the puff to pack on the powder on your under eyes to bake it.

One of my faves from this box is the One Day Coating Lip Tint in the shade 03 Fashionable.

Initially I thought "Who would be so extra and wear an orange lip out", but when I tried it it actually looked pretty good! I would share a pic, but my face was kinda malfunctioning but I currently have a lip ulcer haha. You guys will probably see me wearing it soon on Instagram!

It smells super super good and has a thin water consistency. This lip tint is no joke, like seriously super pigmented! Here you can see it swatched on my arm:

And when I wiped it off after 30 seconds, it totally stained it!

This means this lip tint has a great staying power, which is why it's one of my fave products from this set.

The 4th product is this Twinkle Glam Eyes Pressed Powder in the shade Glam Gold.

It comes in a tub and there's a plastic lid to kind of keep the glitter pressed and prevent it from getting everywhere:

At first I thought it would be rough, but it actually has a smooth almost foil-like texture to it.

On the left you can see what it looks like when you intensify and pack it on, while on the right you can see what it looks like with one swatch.

It definitely looks good both ways. You can use a wet brush and pack this onto your lids when you do a cut crease, or maybe even just dab a bit on the balls of your eyes for that extra pop of glitter.

5th product is this Clear Finish Gel Liner in Matt Black

On one end you have the soft eyeliner which can be twisted out:

And on the other edge you have a brush if you wanna smudge your line out. You can also disconnect the brush and use the hidden sharpener to make the eyeliner sharper.

I don't really wear eyeliner, but my friend Sydney and I tried this out the other day and it stayed on super long! She basically didn't intentionally scrub it off or wash it away, but the swatch on her hand managed to stay on till the next day. Totes apocalypse proof!

And the final product from this line is the W-Snow BB Cushion in shade #23 Cotton Beige!

I really wish this came in my shade, but unfortunately I have to donate it to my sister because it's too light for me haha. I did however do some tests so I can tell you guys what I think about it!

The finish is pretty nice, not too shiny/dewy and not too matte. It has a very natural finish to it, and you can see from my closeup shot below that it literally looks like my second skin:

The coverage is pretty decent and buildable . As you can see below:

it covered up the eyeliner pretty well. Since acne scars and redness aren't as dark as the eyeliner, this cushion can cover up most discolourations and marks on your face by itself. If you do want super full coverage, I recommend using a concealer as well.

And that was my review of the W.Lab Last All Day set! Out of the six products, the mask has been part of my skincare routine more often + the tint, powder and pressed powder have been stashed in my makeup pouch for frequent use. I really do wish the cushion came in my shade because the texture and finish was really nice, and the eyeliner was SUPER pigmented, but I rarely use it because my eyeliner skills suck haha.

Now, on to the giveway part! To enter this giveaway, you only have to do 3 simple things:

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Good luck guys! As always, thanks for reading. See y'all in the next post!


  1. This is awesome. Thank you for your review. I had been eyeing on this range for quiet some time too. Would love to give it a try on their bb cushion.. 💓💓😊

  2. Hi Sha Dhira, thanks for dropping by, glad you found my review helpful! ♥


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