Room Cleaning + Christmas Shopping

December 14, 2012

holiday has just been watching dramas, movies and just lying around in my house, truthfully :| such a lazy bum!

i just love this picture ^^
took it this morning~

on wednesday i had a room cleaning session. or a remove-all-the-unwanted-clutter-in-your-life session as i'd like to call it XD i have so much useless junk in my room! so i decided to clean up :) i'm actually the type of person to clean up my room if i have nothing to do. i've recently been very preoccupied though.

anyways, i finally decided to clean up! :)

here are the random stuff that you i found. i threw away most of them.

all the stuff in the bag are...rubbish -,-

here are the stuff i'm keeping.

1. i dunno why i have a padlock -,-
2. my 2011/2012 new years resolutions! i forgot @@
3. my CNY calligraphy XD
4. my very old mp3
5. i dunno where this came from O.O
6. my shoebox of trinkets x) it was a lot of my stuff from way back then.

that "Proof of my Awesomeness" file is a file of all my certs XD

i had a strawberry mask session after a long refreshing bath afterwards ^^

on thursday my sibs and i went christmas shopping ^^ i have $0 right now. literally. SIGHHHHHHH. for the whole day i was chanting "its all about giving" in my head XD i just hope i get a good haul this christmas.

i'm gonna start working part time at Sandra's tomorrow! ^^ its my first ever paid job! if my plan works, by the 23rd, i'll have enough money to buy SNSD's Genie and Hoot albums and B1A4's In the Wind album ^^ i think i'll even have extra! :D I NEED TO DO THIS FOR THE SAKE OF MY ALBUM BABIES. I MUST BUY THEM! I MUST I MUST I MUST!!
good night :)

i'll post about last's friday's trip tomorrow *hopefully*. i've finished writing it. all that's left to do is to upload those gigantic sized pictures from my DSLR and for my bro to finish with the video of the trip :)

*its 2AM now. shhhhhhhh ;)*

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