pudding camera + haircut + khuntoria

December 30, 2012

recently i discovered that my tab's camera, although the size is quite small, is acceptable XD i downloaded pudding camera yesterday and i just can't stop myself from using it XD

this morning, my parents, euri, yana and i went to school to pay for our school fees. just for the three of us, the total is 18k+ @.@ we haven't paid coz there were some difficulties, and we wanna try and see if we can get a discount for our bro (he's the fourth)

after lunch, we headed to Yik Foong complex to buy a new printer. our HP printer broke down last week and since the school year is coming + we print stuff often, we decided to get a new one. my dad bought a Canon printer :D

while at Yik Foong, my bro and i decided to get our hair cut. we went to Chilli salon first but they were full so we ended up at Mango salon *lol what's with the salon names* MY LONG HAIR...GONE T^T my hairstyle right now is just...so-so. its not that great, but not that bad either. i've written this in previous posts, but i really look better with longer hair. my face appears fatter because more of it is exposed...

it rained heavily tonight :O after the rain though, my family headed to Wooley food court for dinner. almost all the stalls were closed :O

before writing up this post, i was watching Khuntoria XD i'm now at ep 45! its not that i watch slow, its just that i don't wanna finish it yet T^T

it's getting so nice! ^^ Victoria finally said that she wanted a kiss! XD that scene in the car where she said "want to film that CF with me?" made me RLAB while smiling to myself for a whole minute XD the scene with the Disco Pa Pa where they shouted ILYs was touching :') the scene at the bathroom killed me x)

Sulli and that Lee Yongdae guy were quite nice to watch too :D pretty + handsome! although in my mind:

Sulli + Yongdae & Sulli + Minho & Minho + Taemin XD

good night everyone! ^^ its now time for me to continue watching :3 Yongseo or Running Man? hmmmmmmm.

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