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December 20, 2012

its that time of the year! CHRISTMAS TIME! ^^ its the first time that i'm ever working in the 16 years that i've existed in this world. :O that means less time relaxing, but who says i can't listen to music anymore? ^^ i so decided to make this short christmas music post! ^^
*its not because i haven't finished the post i promised weeks ago...well maybe XD* 

i wish we had snow here :(
on the top of my list is Ailee's My Grown Up Christmas List (Christmas Wish) :D its a remake of David Foster's song *i think* i can't stop listening to it! ^^

last year i downloaded SMTOWN's The Warmest Gift and just LOVED all the songs *they should sing in English more often~* so i decided to download some songs from SMTOWN's previous winter holiday albums.
*actually i just downloaded the album where SNSD had one song in it ><*

other than downloading new songs, i did nothing the past few days but work in Sandra's shop :O on Sunday i'll have my first paycheck! ^^ at first i wanted to buy 3 albums (SNSD Genie, SNSD Hoot & B1A4 In The Wind) but now i'm having second thoughts :| a new phone would be nice...
my phone sucks! :( i've been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S Advance for a while now and with a little haggling *lol no other word* with my parents, i think i might be able to buy it just in time for christmas! :D kinda like a present for myself *well, at least a portion of it since imma give money too~*

should i go ahead and buy the albums i want?

or should i just buy a new phone that i've been needing/wanting/complaining/whining for for the past few months?

my phone is 1 and a half years old jor wey~

...i need to think this out XD

anyways, happy holidays everyone! ^^

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